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1075 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I


particularly the points at which they crossed Black River. The high- est point at which they crossed was at Smiths Mill, half a mile above Mingo Creek. The other crossings were below. General Hampton reports all Shermans army across Black River except the Fourteenth Corps and one division of the Twentieth Corps, which he stated was on the plank road. You inquire about the location of Elevation. My map places it midway between Averasborough and Smithfield, and at the intersection of the road running between these two places with the road running from Smiths Ferry to Raleigh. I have not heard from Wheeler since 1 a. m. Very respectfully, W. J. HARDEE, Lieutenant- General. General JOHNSTON. P. S.Hampton believes the enemy moving on Goldsborough. W. J. HARDEE. HEADQUARTERS, March 17 [18 ?j, 18G58.50 a. in. COLONEL: Your order directing me to pnt my command in motion immediately for Bentonville has just been received. It will be promptly obeyed, but I am ignorant of the road you designate, and that mast first be found. I have instructed Wheeler to report the movements of the enemy, both to you and to me. Inform me whenever General John- ston changes his headquarters. - W. J. HARDEE, Lieutenant- General. Colonel ANDERSON, Assistant Adjutant- General. ELEVATION, March 17, 18651 p. rn. GENERAL: I did not design moving beyond this point, but I find the map is incorrect and that the intersection of the roads is not at this point, but two miles nearer Smithfield, to which place I am moving. I do not believe the enemy is moving on Raleigh; if so, the force which has crossed Black River must come to this intersection, as there is no other road east of Black River on which he can move. I will endeavor to obtain all the information I can in reference to bridges, & c., on the road to Raleigh, and if the enemy should move there will keep in front of him. I send you a dispatch from Wheeler. To-day will develop the purposes of the enemy. Very respectfully, W. J. HARDEE, Lieutenant- General. General JOHNSTON. P. S.Your order relative to MeLaws has been received. I instructed General Hampton to send General McLaws to me; he has not come. I have thought it best not to mention the order to any one till McLaws arrives. W. J. H.