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1073 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I


managed. With proper wanagement Ii ought to have had everything here by this time. I have serious apprehensions that the troops in rear will not reach here before I am compelled to evacuate the place. This matter gives me serious concern, but I have the satisfactioii of feeling that I have nsed every exertion and taken every precaution to insure their safety. A rapid march of the enemy will bring him here to-morrow. If he takes the direct road to this place I shall oppose him at Thompsons Creek. With high respect, your obedient servant, W. J. HARDEE, Lieutenant- General. General J. E. JOHNSTON. Since writing a train with troops has arrived and I have reason to hope that those behind,, the track being now open, will soon be here. W. J. II. HEADQUARTERS [March] 3, 1865. (Via Fayetteville 4th.) GENERAL: The enemy changed position yesterday. Advanced on Chesterfield Court-House and crossed Thompsons Creek above that point late in the afternoon. I am evacuating Cheraw and shall move to Rockingham, where I hope to receive your instructions. General Butler thinks army of Sherman is moving on this place or on Rock. ingham. Respectfully, your obedient servant, W. J. HAJIDEE, General JOHNSTON. Lieutenant. General. HDQRS. DEPT. OF S. CAROLINA, GEORGIA, AND FLORIDA, Near MicKinnons, Thirty four Miles from Fayetteville, March 7, 18659 p. m. GENERAL: Your dispatch of this date received. I had already informed you, in repeated dispatches, of my change of route toward Fayetteville and the progress of my march. My supply train and reserve artillery moved by Carthage road and reached Carthage to-night. I have ordered Major-General Butler to ascertain the posi. tion and movements of the enemys columns, and to keep directly in front of their line of march. I have heard nothing from General Butler to-day. He should be on the Grahams Bridge road~ Respectfully, your obedient servant, W. J. HARDEE, General J. E. JOHNSTON. Major- General. NEAR SMITHS FERRY, March 15 [16], 18653.30 p. m. The enemy are passing me so closely that I cannot withdraw until night. It would be well for you to send a force to Elevation. It would insure my forming a junction with you. W. J. HARDEE, General J. E. JOHNSTON Lieutenant- General. A9?nith field. 68 R HVOL XLVII~ PT I