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1065 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I


STEVENSONS DIVISION. Maj. Gen. CARTER L. STEVENSON. Escort. Lient. J. L. JOHNSTON. Hendersons Brigade. Brig. Gen. ROBERT J. HENDERSON. 1st Georgia Confedeizate Battalion (consolidated 1st Georgia Confederate, 1st Bat talion Georgia Sharpshooters, 25th, 29th, 30th, and 66th Georgia), Capt. W. J. Whitsitt. 39th Georgia (consolidated 34th, 39th, and part of the 56th Georgia): Lieut. Col. William P. Milton. Col. Charles H. Phinizy. 40th Georgia Battalion (consolidated 40th, 41st, and 43d Georgia): Lient. W. H. Darnall. Capt. James E. Stallings. 42d Georgia (consolidated 36th and 42d Georgia, and parts of 34th and 56th Georgia), Lieut. Col. Lovick P. Thomas. Pettus Brigade. Brig. Gen. EDMUND W. PETTUS. 19th Alabama, Lient. Col. Ezekiah S. Gulley. 20th Alabama, Lient. Co]. James K. Elliott. 23d Alabama, Maj. James T. Hester. 54th Virginia Battalion, Lieut. Col. Connally H. Lynch. ARTILLERY. South Carolina Ba~tery, Capt. J. T. Kanapaux. CAVALRY CORPS. Lient. Gen. WADE HAMPTON. Consisted of Lient. Gen. Joseph Wheelers corps and the division of Maj. Gen. M. C. Butler, embracing, in part, the following-named organizations: 1st Alabama. 3d Alabama. 51st Alabama, Col. M. L. Kirkpatrick. 1st Georgia. 2d Georgia. 3d Georgia. 4th Georgia. 5th Georgia, Col. Edward Bird. 6th Georgia. 12th Georgia, Capt. James H. Graham. 1st Tennessee, Col. James T. Wheeler. 2d Tennessee, Col. Henry M. Aslihy. 4th Tennessee, Col. Baxter Smith. 5th Tennessee,Col. GeorgeW. McKenzie. 8th Tennessee. 9th Tennessee Battalion, Maj. James H. Akin. 3d Arkansas, Maj. William H. Black- well. 3d Confederate. 8th Confederate, Lieut. Col. .John S. Prather. 10th Confederate. 1st Kentucky. 3d Kentucky. 9th Kentucky. 8th Texas. 11th Texas. Allisons Squadron. Harts (South Carolina) battery, Capt. E. Lindsley Halsey. South Carolina Battery, Capt.Williain E. Earle. Logans Brigade. Brig. Gen. T. M. LOc~AN. Jeff. Davis Legion, Col. .J. Fred. War ing. Cobbs (Georgia) Legion, Capt. R. Bill Roberts. 10th Georgia, Capt. Edwin W. Moise. 1st South Carolina. 4th South Carolina. 5th South Carolina. 6th South Carolina. 19th South ~arolina Battalion. Phillips (Georgia) Legion, Maj. XV. W. Thomas. (The division and brigade commanders mentioned in General Wheelers official report of the campaign are W. Y. C. Humes, William W. Allen, Robert H. Anderson, Moses W. Hannon, James Hagan, George G. Dibrell, Felix H. Robertson, Thomas Harrison, Henry M. Ashby, and Charles C. Crews.)