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1063 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I


ARTILLERY BATTALION. Maj. BASIL C. MANLY. Louisiana Battery, Capt. William M. Bridges. North Carolina Battery, Capt. George B. Atkins. South Carolina Battery, Capt. George H. Walter. South Carolina Battery, Capt. William E. Zimmerman. Virginia Battery (Paris), Lient. Thomas M. Tucker. STEWARTS CORPS. Lieut. Gen. ALEXANDER P. STEWART. LORING S DIVISiON. Maj. Gen. XVILLIAM W. LORING. Featherstons Brigade. Brig. Gen. WINFIELD S. FEATHERSTON. 1st Arkansas (consolidated 1st and 2d Arkansas Mounted Rifles, and 4th, 9th, and 25th Arkansas Infantry), Col. Henry G. Buna. 3d Mississippi (consolidated 3d, 31st, and 40th Mississippi), Col. James M. Stigler. 22d Mississippi (consolidated 1st, 22d, and 33d Mississippi, and 1st Mississippi Bat- talion), Col. Martin A. Oatis. 37th Mississippi, Maj. Q. C. Heidelberg. Lowrys Brigade. Brig. Gen. ROBERT LOWRY. 2~th Alabama, Maj. Henry B. Turner. 12th Louisiana: Capt. John A. Dixon. Lieut. Col. E. M. Graham. 14th Mississippi (consolidated 5th, 14th, and 43d Mississippi), Col. Robert J. Law- rence. 15th Mississippi (consolidated 6th, 15th, 20th, and 23d Mississippi), Lient. Col. Thomas B. Graham. Shelleys Brigade. Brig. Gen. CHARLES M. SHELLEY. 1st Alabama (consolidated 16th, 33d, and 45th Alabama), Col. Robert H. Aber- crombie. 17th Alabama, Col. Edward P. Holcoinbe. 27th Alabama (consolidated 27th, 35th, 49th, 55th, and 57th Alabama), Col. Edward McAlexander. ANDERSONS (LATE TALIAFERROS) DIVISION. Maj. Gen. PATTON ANDERSON. Elliotts Brigade. Brig. Gen. STEPHEN ELLIOTT, Jr. Lieut. Col. J. WELSMAN BROWN. 22d Georgia Battalion Artillery, Maj. Mark J. McMullan. 27th Georgia Battalion, Maj. Alfred L. Hartridge. 2d South Carolina Artillery: Lieut. Col. J. Welsman Brown. Maj. F. F. Warley. Manigaults (S. C.) Battalion: Lieut. H. Kiatte. Capt. Theodore G. Boag. Bhetts Brigade. Col. WILLIAM BUTLER. 1st South Carolina (regulars): Maj. Thomas A. Huguenin. Lieut. Col. Warren Adams. 1st South Carolina Artillery. Lieut. Col. Joseph A. Yates. Lucas (S. C.) Battalion: Maj. J. Jonathan Lucas. Capt. Theodore B. Hayne.