Today in History:

99 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I


April 14. -Marched nineteen miles, passing through Raleigh and encamping three miles beyond.

April 15. -Hostilities ceased.

April 24. -Reviewed by Generals Grant and Sherman.

April 25. -Moved out to Jones' Station; distance, seven miles.

April 27. -Moved back to camp; seven miles.

April 29. -Moved fourteen miles, encamping near Forestville.

April 30. -Remained in camp.

During the month the division has marched 88 miles, constructed 45,760 yards side road, 145 yards bridging, and 2,044 yards corduroy.

May 1. -Moved out from camp near Forestville, N. C. (seventeen miles from Raleigh), en route for Richmond, Va. Passed through Forestville and Wake Forest; crossed Tar River at Sims' Bridge, following the Gaston and Raleigh Railroad; encamped near Sims' Bridge, having marched twenty miles.

May 2. -Marched twenty-four miles; encamped within three miles of Ridgeway.

May 3. -Marched twenty miles; encamped within two miles of Robinson's Ferry, on the Roanoke River.

May 4. -Rested.

May 5. -Marched twenty-six miles, crossing the Roanoke and encamping on Great Creek at Aspen Grove.

May 6. -Marched four miles; struck Boydton plank road; crossed Nottoway River and encamped on Buckskin Creek; distance, twenty-five miles.

May 7. -Marched seventeen miles; encamped on Hatcher's Run.

May 8. -Crossed the Appomattox; encamped on Swift Creek; distance, ten miles.

May 9. -Marched fifteen miles; encamped near Manchester, Va.

May 12. -Marched nine miles, passing through Richmond.

May 13. -Marched nine miles.

May 14. -Marched eighteen miles.

May 15. -Marched eighteen miles.

May 16. -Marched sixteen miles.

May 17. -Marched eighteen miles.

May 18. -Marched sixteen miles.

May 19. -Marched fifteen miles, encamping near Alexandria, Va.

May 23. -Moved up and encamped near Long Bridge, Va.

May 24. -Marched in review before the President, Lieutenant-General Grant, General Sherman, and many others; encamped within three miles of Washington, D. C., near Crystal Springs, where we remain at present date.

June 1. -In camp near Washington, D. C.

June 7. -Broke camp and started for Louisville, Ky. ; distance, about 900 miles.

June 12. -Arrived at Louisville and went into camp, where we remain at present date.

Second Brigade, Third Division.

January 1. -The brigade was in camp at Savannah, Ga.

January 4. -Received orders for Beaufort, S. C., taking steamers and arriving 5th.

January 6. -Disembarked and moved forward to camp, three miles west of Beaufort, remaining until the 13th, when received orders to move to Pocotaligo; crossed Coosaw Sound the same evening on three small yawls; moved four miles beyond and fortified.