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98 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I

Page 98 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

February 21. -Marched to Simpson's Station; fifteen miles.

February 22. -Marched to Poplar Springs; fifteen miles.

February 23. -Marched to and across Wateree; seven miles.

February 24. -Marched to Russell's place; twelve miles.

February 25. -Marched to Copeland; twelve miles.

February 26. -Marched to Little Lynch Creek; eight miles.

February 27. -Marched to Big Lynch Creek; thirteen miles.

February 28. -Marched in direction of Cheraw; eighteen miles. Total, 268 1/2 miles.

Railroad destroyed, 21 miles; roads corduroyed, 14,485 yards; bridges built, 263 yards; side road for infantry, 54,560 yards; clearing roads obstructed by enemy, 650 yards.

March 1 and 2. -Lay in camp near Cheraw.

March 3. -Moved to Cheraw; thirteen miles.

March 4. -Crossed Great Pedee, encamping on east bank; marched three miles.

March 5. -Moved to Joby's plantation; five miles.

March 6. -Moved to Bennettsville; seven miles and a half.

March 7. -Moved to near Panther Creek; nine miles.

March 8. -Moved to Gilopolis or Floral College; nine miles.

March 9. -Moved to east side Raft Swamp; twelve miles.

March 10. -Moved to Big Rockfish Creek; thirteen miles.

March 11. -Moved to near Fayetteville; bummers taking the place; a few of them killed; nine miles and a half.

March 12. -Lay in camp.

March 13. -Crossed Cape Fear, encamping on Beam[an]'s Cross-Roads road; marched three miles.

March 14. -Changed camp to Wilmington road; two miles.

March 15. -Moved to South River; twelve miles.

March 16. -Moved to Culbreth's plantation; four miles.

March 17. -Moved to near Benham's Cross-Roads; twenty miles.

March 18. -Moved to Piney Grove Cross-Roads on Mount Olive road; fourteenth miles.

March 19. -Moved to Smith's Chapel, Mount Olive road; nine miles.

March 20. -Moved to near Mill Creek or Bentonville, twenty miles, taking position and intrenching before sundown.

March 21. -Moved forward one mile, taking new position, skirmishing heavily with enemy and intrenching.

March 22. -Lay in camp, enemy having retired during night.

March 23. -Moved on Goldsborough road to near Neuse River; fifteen miles.

March 24. -Moved to Goldsborough; five miles.

March 25. -Changed camp to front one mile, intrenching.

March 26. -Lay in camp.

March 27. -Changed camp to southeast side of Goldsborough; three miles.

March 28, 29, 30, and 31. -Lay in camp.

Total miles marched, 188; roads corduroyed, 10,208 yards; bridges built, 40 yards; side road for infantry, 150,787 yards; earth excavated, 10,080 cubic feet; fortifications built, 1,840 yards.

April 1 to 9. -In camp near Goldsborough, N. C.

April 10. -Marched in the direction of Raleigh to near Whithley's Mill; distance, thirteen miles.

April 11. -Marched to Moccasin Creek, near Pine Level; distance, ten miles.

April 12. -Moved out two miles; encamped on Creecher's plantation.

April 13. -Marched sixteen miles.

Page 98 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.