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96 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I

Page 96 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

February 12. -At 9 a. m. made flank movement to the right; enemy evacuated Orangeburg, burning C. S. buildings; moved through Orangeburg at midnight.

February 13. -Destroyed three miles of railroad; marched to Lewisville; fourteen miles.

February 14. -Marched to Sandy Run; fourteen miles.

February 15. -Marched eleven miles.

February 16. -Marched to Congaree River, ten miles, fronting Columbia.

February 17. -Marched across Saluda River and bivouacked 4 p. m. ; crossed Broad River into the city; encamped three-quarters of a mile north of city.

February 18. -Destroyed one mile of railroad and marched six miles; 6. 45 p. m. ordered back to city as provost guard.

February 19. -On provost-guard duty in city.

February 20. -Rear guard; marched fifteen miles.

February 21. -Marched to Simpson's Turnout, eleven miles; destroyed one mile of railroad.

February 22. -Destroyed one mile of railroad; marched fifteen miles, passing through Winnsborough to Poplar Springs.

February 23. -Marched eight miles.

February 24. -Marched fifteen miles, passing through Liberty Hill.

February 25. -Marched fourteen miles to Little Lynch's Creek, Hough's Ferry.

February 26. -Marched to Big Lynch's Creek, ten miles and a half.

February 27. -Moved across creek two miles; encamped, waiting trains.

February 28. -Marched sixteen miles.

March 3. -Marched thirteen miles to Cheraw; brigade on duty as provost guard.

March 5. -Relieved and crossed Great Pedee River; two miles.

March 6. -Marched to Bennettsville; thirteen miles.

March 7. -Marched eight miles.

March 8. -Crossed Little Pedee River; six miles.

March 9. -Marched eleven miles.

March 10. -Marched seventeen miles.

March 13. -Passed through Fayetteville across Cape Fear River; seven miles.

March 15. -Marched twelve miles, crossing Big Black River; skirmished and drove the enemy.

March 17. -Marched sixteen miles.

March 18. -Marched fourteen miles.

March 19. -Marched thirteen miles.

March 20. -Twenty-fifth Wisconsin moved with division; Thirty-fifth New Jersey, Forty-third and Sixty-third Ohio guarding train; moved to the rear with train four miles.

March 21. -Moved forward two miles.

March 22. -Moved forward fourteen miles.

March 23. -Moved forward fifteen miles.

March 24. -Marched five miles, passing through Goldsborough to our present camp.

[April.]-Encamped at Goldsborough, N. C., until the 10th, when the brigade marched sixteen miles.

April 11. -Marched eight miles.

April 12. -Marched eight miles.

April 13. -Marched fourteen miles.

Page 96 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.