Today in History:

93 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I


March 8. -Moved at 9 a. m. on Fayetteville road six miles and encamped.

March 9. -Moved five miles and a half on Fayetteville road, passing through Laurel College; eight miles.

March 10. -Moved at 8 a. m. on Fayetteville road ten miles, encamping near Rockfish Creek.

March 11. -Moved at 9. 30 a. m. on Fayetteville road, crossing near Rockfish Mills, and encamped within two miles of Fayetteville, N. C. ; distance, sixteen miles.

March 12. -Lay in camp near Fayetteville. A steam-tug arrived from Wilmington at 11 a. m. with dispatches; took mail back.

March 13. -Moved at 8 a. m. ; crossed Cape Fear River two miles below Fayetteville and encamped four miles from river; distance, six miles.

March 14. -Changed camp to position on Clinton road; distance, four miles.

March 15. -Moved at 7 a. m. on Clinton road, crossing South River; skirmished a short time and encamped; distance, ten miles.

March 16. -Lay in camp.

March 17. -Moved at 5. 30 a. m., crossing Black River at 12 m., and encamped; distance, eighteen miles.

March 18. -Moved at 5. 30 a. m. on Everettsville road and encamped near Troublefield's Store.

March 19. -Moved at 5. 30 a. m. on Everettsville road, crossing Falling Creek, and encamped five miles of Everettsville and eleven from Goldsborough; distance, eighteen miles.

March 20. -Moved back at 1 a. m. to a road leading to the right of the Everettsville road, recrossing Falling Creek, moving on different roads, and took position near the Fifteenth Army Corps. Had skirmishing in front; this division not engaged; marched twenty-five miles.

March 21. -Went into position on right of Fifteenth Army Corps near Mill Creek. Severe action for about two hours, resulting in the capture of 40 horses and 1 caisson from enemy. Division lost 166 (2 officers and 164 men) in killed, wounded, and missing; captured a few prisoners.

March 22. -Enemy concentrated in front; command moved forward about two miles and found him fortified; ordered back into camp by Major-General Howard.

March 23. -Moved at 7 a. m. on the railroad and encamped near Neuse River; distance, sixteen miles.

March 24. -Moved at 9 a. m. on Goldsborough road, crossing the Neuse River, passing through Goldsborough, and encamped two miles east of the town; distance, eight miles.

Balance of month command lay in camp near Goldsborough, N. C. ; were clothed, shod, &c.

April 3. -Brigadier General M. F. Force took command, General Mower going to the Twentieth Army Corps.

April 11. -Marched eight miles.

April 12. -Marched eight miles.

April 13. -Marched fourteen miles.

April 14. -Marched seventeen miles, crossing Neuse River and through Raleigh, encamping one mile and a half of city, and remained in camp.

April 24. -Reviewed with the corps by Generals Grant and Sherman.

April 25. -Moved to the front nine miles.