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92 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I

Page 92 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

February 11. -Moved at 9 a. m. and encamped on Orangeburg road near South [North] Edisto River; distance, fourteen miles.

February 12. -Lay in camp till 3 p. m., when crossed river and encamped in Orangeburg; distance, three miles.

February 13. -Moved at 8. 30 a. m. on Columbia road; destroyed portion of railroad; encamped near cross-roads; distance, fourteen miles.

February 14. -Moved on Columbia road and encamped on Doctor Miller's plantation, fifteen miles from Columbia; distance, fourteen miles.

February 15. -Moved at 1 p. m. ; Fifteenth and Seventeenth Corps on same road; encamped near Geiger's Mill; distance, twelve miles.

February 16. -Moved at 7 a. m. ; encamped near Saluda River; distance, ten miles.

February 17. -At 3 p. m. moved, crossing Saluda and Broad Rivers; encamped near the city; distance, four miles.

February 18. -Command tore up railroad and moved six miles on Winnsborough road and encamped.

February 19. -Lay in camp; troops engaged in destroying railroad.

February 20. -Moved at 7 a. m. on Winnsborough road and encamped; distance, ten miles.

February 21. -Moved at 7 a. m. on Winnsborough road and encamped near town of Winnsborough.

February 22. -Moved at 10 a. m. ; destroyed two miles of railroad; passed through the town and encamped near Poplar Springs; distance, fifteen miles.

February 23. -Moved at 8 a. m. on Peay's Ferry road; crossed Wateree River and encamped near Liberty Hill; distance, fifteen miles.

February 24. -Moved at 6 a. m. on Camden road; passed through Liberty Hill and encamped on Patterson's plantation; distance, sixteen miles.

February 25. -Moved at 7 a. m. on Georgetown and Camden road and encamped; distance, fifteen miles.

February 26. -Moved at 7 a. m. ; crossed Little Lynch's Creek and encamped near Big Lynch's Creek; distance, twelve miles.

February 27. -Moved at 7 a. m. on Cheraw road; crossed Big Lynch's Creek and encamped on opposite side; distance, two miles.

February 28. -Command moved at 7 a. m., having advance of corps; crossed the ---- and Beech Creek; threw up breast-works and encamped within thirteen miles of Cheraw; distance, fifteen miles.

March 1. -Lay in camp thirteen miles from Cheraw, S. C.

March 2. -Lay in camp; Third Brigade ordered out on reconnaissance; found enemy fortified; skirmished some; no casualties.

March 3. -Moved at 7 a. m. on Cheraw road; crossing Juniper and Johnson's Creeks. Enemy evacuated his works. Had some skirmishing; entered Cheraw, capturing twenty-seven pieces of artillery, several caissons, and a large quantity of ammunition; encamped in Cheraw; day's march, thirteen miles.

March 4. -Lay in camp until 3 p. m. ; crossed the Great Pedee River and encamped one mile from town. Enemy destroyed a great quantity of ammunition and wagons, &c.

March 5. -Lay in camp.

March 6. -Moved at 10 a. m. on Bennettsville road; encamped in town; distance, twelve miles.

March 7. -Moved on Fayetteville road, encamping near Beaver Dam Creek, N. C. ; distance, ten miles.

Page 92 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.