Today in History:

79 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I


February 17. -Crossed Broad River on pontoons, bridge being burned; marched through the city of Columbia at 5. 30 p. m. and took up position on the Columbia and South Carolina Railroad.

February 18 and 19. -Assisted in the destruction of the railroad at this point.

February 20. -Marched on Camden road eleven miles, then took the road to Muddy Springs, at which place the division encamped for the night.

February 21. -Marched twenty-two miles and went into camp on Dutchman's Creek.

February 22. -Crossed the Wateree at Peay's Ferry on pontoons; made two miles and went into camp on Singleton's Creek.

February 23. -Marched at 1 p. m., passing Liberty Hill and marching on Camden road six miles; then on settlement road across to Landcaster and Camden road; encamped at Red Hill Post-Office, near Flat Rock.

February 24. -Marched in the direction of Camden; passed by, leaving the town on the right, and went into camp at Marengo Mills, six miles from Camden.

February 25. -Marched to Sandy Grove Church and went into camp.

February 26. -Marched on Darlington road, reaching Kelly's Bridge at 11 a. m. The water was found very high and rising, extending nearly a mile in width. Two brigades were crossed by wading waist-deep. It was impossible for the train to cross.

February 27 and 28. -Division still at Kelly's Bridge; water falling slowly.

March 1. -The division moved from Kelly's Bridge to Kellytown; distance, six miles.

March 2. -Marched four miles and encamped.

March 3. -Marched twenty miles and encamped on Juniper Creek.

March 4. -Marched to Cheraw; distance, thirteen miles.

March 5. -Marched four miles; crossed Great Pedee River.

March 7. -Marched ten miles and encamped on Crooked Creek.

March 8. -Marched to Laurel Hill; distance, fourteen miles.

March 9. -Marched fourteen miles; crossed Lumber River on pontoons and encamped at Bethel Church.

March 10. -Made four miles, corduroying all the way.

March 11. -Marched seventeen miles and encamped on Little Rockfish Creek.

March 12. -Marched six miles and a half and encamped near Fayetteville.

March 14. -Marched three miles, crossing Cape Fear River, and encamped on Warsaw road.

March 15. -Marched to Bethany Church; distance, nine miles.

March 16. -Marched eight miles, crossing Black Creek, and encamped near Wesley Chapel.

March 17. -Marched to Peters' Cross-Roads; distance, eight miles.

March 18. -Marched fifteen miles.

March 19. -Marched in the direction of Everettsville until 11 o'clock at night, then countermarched to re-enforce the Fourteenth and Twentieth Corps, who had engaged the enemy near Bentonville; distance marched, twenty-four miles.

March 21. -Went into position on the left of the Fourteenth Corps; built works and took part in the engagement of Bentonville.

March 22. -Marched ten miles.