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78 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I

Page 78 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

then confronting Hoke's division of the rebel army. Its skirmishers advanced, driving the rebels from their skirmish pits with small loss. During the night the enemy abandoned their works.

March 22. -At daylight the brigade was ordered to move in the direction of Bentonville, N. C., but, finding no enemy, was ordered to move in the direction of Goldsborough, N. C., which place we reached on the 24th instant, and are now encamped near the town.

Distance marched during the month, 200 miles. Number of killed, wounded, and missing during the month was 2 commissioned officers and 28 enlisted men.

April 10. -This brigade left camp near Goldsborough, N. C., and marched, via Pineville, to Raleigh, N. C., which place it reached April 14, where it remained until April 29, when it moved in the direction of Louisburg, N. C., crossed the Neuse River and encamped one mile from it and near Rogers' Cross-Roads, where it is now [April 30] encamped.

Distance marched during the month was nearly seventy miles. Loss in killed, wounded, and missing, none.

May 1. -This brigade left its camp near Neuse River and marched, via Lawrenceville and Petersburg, to Manchester, opposite Richmond, Va., which place it reached May 10.

May 13. -Marched across the James, through Richmond, via Hanover Court-House, Dumfries, and Occoquan, to Alexandria, which place it reached May 19.

After the review at Washington, D. C., moved two miles north of the city and encamped near Crystal Springs, where it yet [May 31] remains.

[June.]-The brigade has been encamped near Louisville, Ky., during the entire month.

Second Division.

February 1. -The division marched from Pocotaligo Station, on the Savannah and Charleston Railroad, reaching Duck Branch at noon February 2; skirmishing by the advance the greater part of the time.

February 7. -Struck the South Carolina Railroad at Bamberg; erected temporary works and at the forks of the Orangeburg and Columbia roads.

February 10. -Crossed the South Edisto River at Holman's Bridge, and went into camp at the forks of the Orangeburg and Columbia roads.

February 11. -Marched on the Orangeburg road, reaching Poplar Springs at 4 p. m. and went into camp.

February 12. -Marched to Shilling's Bridge, over the North Edisto River; found the bridge burned and the enemy intrenched on the opposite side; effected a crossing by wading and on fallen timber, completely surprising the rebels and taking 57 prisoners with the loss of 5 wounded.

February 13. -Crossed Caw Caw, Sadler's, and Little Crotchpen Swamps, making thirteen miles.

February 14. -Marched on the Columbia road, crossing Big Beaver Creek at 10 a. m. ; crossed Sandy Run at Sandy Run Post-Office at 1 p. m.

February 15. -Marched in the direction of Columbia on the old State road.

February 16. -Crossed Congaree Creek at Congaree bridge, and moved by the left flank to the Saluda River, driving the enemy across. A crossing was effected at the Saluda Mills on pontoons, the bridge being burned.

Page 78 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.