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32 Series I Volume XXV-II Serial 40 - Chancellorsville Part II

Page 32 N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XXXVII.

Third Brigade.

Colonel W. R. PEASE.

5th New York Heavy Artillery (3rd Battalion), Major G. F. Merriam.

10th New York Heavy Artillery, Colonel A. Piper.

117th New York (1st Battalion), Colonel W. R. Pease.


Brigadier General WILLIAM F. BARRY.

1st Delaware Battery, Captain Benjamin Nields.

9th Michigan Battery, Captain J. J. Daniels.

12th New York Battery, Captain William H. Ellis.

16th New York Battery, Lieutenant Frederick L. Hiller.

19th New York Battery, Captain William H. Stahl.

27th New York Battery, Captain John B. Eaton.

Pennsylvania Battery, Captain John I. Nevin.

1st West Virginia Artillery, Battery A, Captain John Jenks.

Jewett's Brigade.*

Colonel A. B. JEWETT.

23rd Maine, Colonel William W. Virgin.

39th Massachusetts, Colonel P. S. Davis.

14th New Hampshire, Colonel Robert Wilson.

10th Vermont, Lieutenant Colonel William W. Henry.

10th Massachusetts Battery, Captain J. Henry Sleeper.

11th New York Cavalry (detachment), Major J. C. Kenyon.


109th New York, Colonel B. F. Tracy.



9th New York Battery, Captain Emil Schubert.

4th U. S. Artillery (regimental headquarters).

Abstract from return of the Middle Department (or Eighth Army Corps), Major General Robert C. Schenck, U. S. Army, commanding, for month of January, 1863; headquarters, Baltimore, Md.

Present for duty.

Command. Officers. Men. Aggregate


General headquarters 25 .... 25

Annapolis, Md. 26 654 759

Baltimore, Md. 149 3,676 4,519

Eastern Shore, Md. and Va. 64 1,254 1,501

Frederick, Md. 97 1,731 2,248

Fort Delaware, Del. 11 283 407

Philadelphia, Pa. 20 363 419

Defenses of the Upper 980 20,580 23,955


Total 1,372 28,541 33,833

Pieces of artillery.

Command. Aggregate Aggregate last Heavy. Field.

present return.



General headquarters 25 26

Annapolis, Md. 1,036 1,037 ....

Baltimore, Md. 5,545 5,050 (+) (+)

Eastern Shore, Md. and Va. 1,599 1,405 .... ....

Frederick, Md. 2,657 2,661 .... ....

Fort Delaware, Del. 419 420 47 6

Philadelphia, Pa. 648 398 .... ....

Defenses of the Upper 27,949 25,634 16 59


Total 39,878 36,631 63 65


*At Offutt's Cross-Roads, Md.

+Not Accounted for on the original returns.


Page 32 N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XXXVII.