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11 Series I Volume XXV-II Serial 40 - Chancellorsville Part II


feeling pervade the army. At the same time I desire, in view of existing orders, that it should receive proper sanction.

Very respectfully, &c.,


Major-General, Commanding.



Numbers 3.
Camp near Falmouth, Va., January 30, 1863.

The following rules will govern officers empowered to grant leaves of absence:

I. No leave will exceed fifteen days.

II. Leaves to commanders of corps, divisions, and cavalry brigades will only be granted upon approval at these headquarters. One brigade commander only in a corps to be on leave at one time.

III. Not more than one field officer of a regiment to be absent on leave at one time, where the full complement of field officers are present. When less than that number, leaves to be granted only in extreme cases.

IV. Not more than two line officers to be given leave from any regiment at the same time; not more than one from any battery of detachment.

V. Leaves not to exceed ten days, except to residents of the following States, when it may be given for fifteen days, viz: Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont; Ohio, Michigan, and the States west of these last named.

VI. Furloughs to enlisted men must in no case exceed two for every 100 men present for duty in the regiment, battery, or detachment, not and to be granted to any men but those having the most excellent record for attention to all duties.

VII. In case of the failure of any officer or soldier to return before their leave expires, leaves will not be granted to others from the same commands until their return. All applications will, by indorsement or otherwise, state the number of officers or men absent on leave from the command, and the failure to return of any person will be notified immediately to the provost-marshal-general, with a memoranda of the leave, residence of the party, and description of enlisted men.

VIII. A return from each regiment, battery, and detachment will be forwarded to these headquarters within eight days from the date of this order, showing the number of officers and men absent from duty from any cause whatever.* This return will be made out in form as follows:

Name. Rank. Regiment. Company. Remarks.

IX. Under the head of "Remarks" for all enlisted men absent will be given a complete description, age, height, &c., where enlisted, whether or not dropped from the rolls, when and where deserted, where supposed to be, furloughed, detailed at hospital, where, &c.

X. Under the head of "Remarks" for officers when the absence is of such a nature as to cause dismissal from the service, it should be so stated, that action may be taken thereon.


*See Hooker to Kelton, February 15, p. 77.