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1097 Series I Volume XXV-I Serial 39 - Chancellorsville Part I


attempts, by direction of General Stoneman the ammunition was destroyed.

The men of the battery being very much exhausted, Captain Farnsworth, of the Eighth Illinois Cavalry, kindly volunteered to float over the ammunition chests, which he successfully accomplished, and for which I herewith tender him my sincere thanks.

I marched from Kelly's Ford at 8 p.m. on th 8th, and arrived at Deep Run at daylight on the 9th, where I rested two hours. I then moved forward to Stafford Court-House; marched from Stafford Court-House at 11 a.m. on the 10th, and joined the remainder of the brigade at this place at sunset.

The officers accompanying the expedition were: Lieutenants Elder and Egan, Battery E, Fourth Artillery; Lieutenants Woodruff and Hamilton, Battery M, Second Artillery, and Lieutenant Vincent, Batteries B and L, Second Artillery. Lieutenant Browne, Sixth Independent New York Battery, accompanied Lieutenant Vincent as far as Kelly's Ford, where he was ordered to rejoin his own battery. While serving with the expedition, he performed his duties in a most able and efficient manner, and for which he has my sincere thanks.

Too much credit cannot be awarded to the officers and enlisted men of the command for the cheerful and willing manner in which they performed their duties without any means of subsistence other than they could procure from the country; marching night after night over paths that could hardly be called roads, and all without a murmur.



Captain, Commanding First Brigade, Horse Artillery.

Colonel A. J. ALEXANDER,

Asst. Adjt. General, Cavalry Corps, Army of the Potomac.

No. 14. Report of Brigadier General W. H. F. Lee, C. S. Army, commanding Cavalry Brigade.

GORDONSVILLE, May 4, 1863.

SIR: As I cannot communicate with Major-General Stuart, I will ask of you to forward to him, or General Lee, this dispatch as soon as possible. I have just returned from Columbia; arrived too late to meet General Wyndham, who, hearing of our approach, left precipitately, failing to destroy the aqueduct. I followed him until day. This morning I came up with a portion of the Fifth Regular Cavalry, and completely routed them, killing 6, wounding a number, and capturing Captain Owens and Lieutenant Buford, and 31 privates. I could have captured the whole of them, but my horses being tired out by a ride of 50 miles, I would not allow them to follow.

General Wyndham burned barns and stole horses and negroes. General Stoneman had four divisions of cavalry, commanded by Generals Buford, Averell, Gregg, and Pleasonton, twenty-eight regiments. His headquarters are on the Mountain road from Louisa Court-House to Richmond. He is taking all the horses in his reach.

W. H. F. LEE,


General A. ELZEY.