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632 Series I Volume XXIX-I Serial 48 - Bristoe, Mine Run Part I

Page 632 OPERATIONS IN N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLI.

that a large force was in my front, and that the enemy was endeavoring to effect a crossing at and above the ford. The division was at once placed in position in the woods, with its left flank on the river near Wheatly's Ford, its right extending toward the road from the ford to Stevensburg, Daniel's brigade remaining on the right of this road watching my right.

Before these dispositions were completed the enemy's batteries from front and flanks, and his infantry along the opposite bank, had driven all of the Second North Carolina to shelter except three or four companies stationed along the river from the ford to the pontoon site. These companies had slight protection from the musketry, but were very much exposed to the artillery fire.

The Thirtieth North Carolina, going to the assistance of the Second, was speedily broken and demoralized under the concentrated artillery fire which swept the ground over which it had to march.

The battery of Napoleons commanded by Captain Massie dis its best, but could not hold its own against the three batteries opposing it, and was obliged speedily to cease firing.

The men of the Second North Carolina, who remained in the rifle-pits at the ford, still kept up their fire, but no opposition now existing at any other point, the enemy crossed in the rapids just above the ford and speedily enveloped the remaining force at the ford, compelling it to surrender.

After crossing the enemy's force moved, as I had expected, upon my left, and continued to advance till within long range of my skirmishers. No advance being made on the Stevensburg road, General Daniel was ordered to move his brigade from right to left, where he was placed in reserve, and every arrangement was made to give the enemy a warm reception. He [the enemy], however, halted before reaching the woods, and, having by this time laid his pontoons, continued to cross his troops rapidly, and by the time my arrangements for resistance were completed, had massed in front of me too great a force or admit of my attacking him with any reasonable chance of success. Under the circumstances, and excepting General Johnson's division every moment, I determined to remain on the defensive, at least till its arrival. No further demonstration was made by the enemy during the night. General Johnson's division arriving some time after dark, was placed in continuation of my line of battle on the right, the two divisions forming a continuous line from the river to Mountain Run and in front of my encampment.

Receiving orders early in the evening to do so, my division, as soon as General Johnson had cleared the way, moved via Stevensburg to Pony Mountain, where it arrived at daybreak.

The losses in the division were as follows:

Command. Killed. Wounded. Missing. Aggregate


Daniel's brigade ... ... 2 2

Doles' brigade ... 5 ... 5

Ramseur's brigade 5 35 290 330

Battle's brigade ... 2 15 17

Johnston's ... 8 2 5


Total. 5 45 309 359

Page 632 OPERATIONS IN N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLI.