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596 Series I Volume XXIX-I Serial 48 - Bristoe, Mine Run Part I

Page 596 OPERATIONS IN N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLI.

courage to their brave comrades, soon determined the fate of the day, not only enabling them to hold the advantage already gained, but to aid in driving or capturing the entire rebel force.

The engagement was as short as it was decisive, and reflected infinite credit upon all concerned. Among the fruits of the victory, I have the honor to report 550 prisoners, 1 stand of colors, and 4 pieces of artillery.

The reports of regimental commanders, which are herewith sent, embody particulars I consider it unnecessary to repeat. I would, however, call especial attention to the concise and admirable report of Major Fuller, who succeeded to the command of the Sixth Maine, after the fall of the gallant Harris, all of which, as well as the statements made by the commanding officers of the Fifth Wisconsin, Forty-ninth and One hundred and nineteenth Pennsylvania Volunteers, I most cheerfully and fully indorse, and would recommend the surviving officers and men of whom they speak as having distinguished themselves, to the favorable consideration of those who have it in their power to reward such heroic and daring deeds as they accomplished.

When all, both officers and men, did their duty so well it would be invidious to mention particular acts of bravery; still I cannot but refer to some of the lamented dead or refrain from mentioning the names of some of the wounded officers, who, as they ever have since entering the service, conducted themselves upon this occasion in the most gallant and praiseworthy manner. Of the former, Captains Furlong, Sixth Maine, Ordway and Walker,. of the Fifth Wisconsin, and Hodgson, of the One hundred and nineteenth Pennsylvania Volunteers, all men of indomitable courage and superior qualifications to command.

Of the wounded, we have to record the names of Colonel Allen, of the Fifth Wisconsin, and Lieutenant-Colonel Harris, Sixth maine, than whom no two better or braver men ever held positions in the Army; Major Wheeler, of the Fifth Wisconsin; Captains Burnham, Roberts, and Witherell, of the Sixth Maine; Adjutant Clark, and other junior but equally meritorious officers.

In addition to the reports of regimental commanders heretofore referred to, lists of the casualties ar also furnished. They sum up a total of 6 commissioned officers and 51 enlisted men killed; wounded, 20 commissioned officers and 188 enlisted men; total casualties, 265.*

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel, Commanding Brigade.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

November 9, 18963.

Officers and Soldiers:

Your gallant deeds of the 7th of November will live in the annals of our country, and will be not the least glorious of the exploits of the Army of the Potomac. But your general cannot but express to


*See revised statement, p. 559.


Page 596 OPERATIONS IN N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLI.