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578 Series I Volume XXIX-I Serial 48 - Bristoe, Mine Run Part I

Page 578 OPERATIONS IN N.C.,VA.,W.VA.,MD., AND PA. Chapter XLI.

taken from the three divisions, the First Division, 13 officers and 350 men; Second Division, 12 officers and 350 men; and the Third Division, 7 officers and about 200 men.

The line was posted in front of the corps on the southeast side of the railroad, and about 3 p. m. I received orders to form my whole force as skirmishers; to advance with my right on the railroad, and to establish the picket line on the Rappahannock River, driving in the enemy, who was in front. The river was about an hour or less, the line was on the river on my left, and up to near the railroad, where it bent back, owing to the opposition offered from an earth-work of the enemy near the river and on the northwest side of the railroad.

My orders required me to regulate with the skirmishers of the Sixth Corps, on the other side of the railroad, and, in keeping up this connection, a portion of the First Division, on the right of my line, crossed the railroad, and, at the time of the charge, entered the fort together with the Sixth Corps. A portion of the skirmishers from this some division, by advancing sharpshooters, when the line halted near the fort, silenced a gun and prevented it from being used from that time until the fort was taken.

Being unacquainted with either the officers or men who composed my temporary command, I am unable to report in detail in regard to their conduct, but I wish to mention Captain O. S. Woodward, Eighty-third Pennsylvania Volunteers, the commanding officer of the skirmishers from the First Division, for the handsome manner in which he performed his duty during the whole time he was under my command; and, also, Lieutenant Alexander H. McLeod, One hundred and fortieth New York Volunteers, my aide, for the valuable assistance he rendered, when advancing the skirmishers, and establishing the line on the river bank.

The First Division lost 6 enlisted men killed, 16 enlisted men and 1 officer wounded.

Captured [of the enemy]: 4 commissioned officers and 71 enlisted men.

The Second Division lost 1 enlisted man killed, 5 wounded, and 4 missing.

No loss has been reported from the Third Division.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,



[Lieutenant Colonel FRED. T. LOCKE,]

Assistant Adjutant-General, Fifth Army Corps.

Numbers 20. Report of Brigadier General Joseph J. Bartlett, U. S. Army, commanding First Division, of engagement at Rappahannock Station.


COLONEL: I have the honor to submit the following report of the part taken by this division in the action at Rappahannock Station, on the 7th instant, and its subsequent movements:

About 3 p. m. on the 7th instant, I was ordered by Major-General

Page 578 OPERATIONS IN N.C.,VA.,W.VA.,MD., AND PA. Chapter XLI.