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101 Series I Volume XXIX-I Serial 48 - Bristoe, Mine Run Part I


men; at Stark's Ford, Lieutenant O'Connor and 16 men; at Rixeyville Ford, Captain W. B. Griffith and 16 men; at and near Corbin's Cross-Roads, Captain Sneyd, Lieutenant O'Reilley, and Lieutenant Berks, and 80 men; thus leaving me but 45 men of the main reserve post at Oak Shade, Va.

When the attack was made, the reserve was immediately in the saddle. The first report received from the place of attack was that the attacking party numbered 200; a second and subsequent report made the number about 150 men. On a moment's consultation with my officers, I concluded to hold, if possible, the post where the reserve was placed; in my opinion, it being the strongest natural position within my knowledge, and one to which the outer picket could rally with advantage, if so compelled.

In accordance with these views, I immediately sent 10 of the reserve, as skirmishers, toward the scene of action, while I sent 5 men direct, all of whom were instructed to re-occupy and hold, if possible, the place vacated by Captain Griffith's command, which had been reported as captured by the enemy. I then had 30 men left; of these I sent 3 commissioned officers, with proper escorts, to notify brigade headquarters of the attack, as well as to inform the officers commanding at the remaining outer picket posts. This reduced my command to about 25 men, the condition of whose horses rendered them almost unserviceable.

In conclusion, I would add that I made the best disposition of the men under my command that could have been made under the circumstances.

I have the honor to remain, very respectfully, your most obedient servant,


Captain, Commanding Thirteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry.

Captain H. C. WEIR,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

[P. S]-Inclosed you will find a diagram* of the locality picketed near Oak Shade, Va., drawn as correctly from memory as the knowledge of the country would admit.

SEPTEMBER 2-23, 1863.-Expedition from Martinsburg, W. Va., including Affairs (15th and 19th) at Smithfield, W. Va., and Strasburg, Va.

Extract from "Record of Events," United States forces at Martinsburg.+

September 2, sent 50 men, under command of Captain Prendergast (all of the [First] New York Cavalry), to Bloomery Gap, in search of a small party of rebels supposed to be there. The party returned via Winchester and Newtown, but found no enemy.

September 5, sent Major T. Quinn, First New York Cavalry, with 200 men, as far up the valley as Middletown, at which place he captured a small rebel mail and 5 rebel stragglers.

September 9, sent Captain Hertzog, of the First New York Cavalry,


*Not found.

+From return of Department of West Virginia for month of September, 1863.