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52 Series I Volume XXIX-I Serial 48 - Bristoe, Mine Run Part I

Page 52 OPERATIONS IN N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLI.

concluded the rear of the enemy was about 1 mile distant. He afterward moved toward Lewisburg.

By this time Major Kesler's detachment arrived, and I ordered him to pursue as rapidly as he could in the ten condition of his horses, and the infantry to follow. Arriving at Edray, and finding that my infantry could go no farther and could not catch the enemy, I halted them. Major Kesler had gone on. Here I dispatched to Colonel Wharton at Warm Springs, who had informed me that he was coming on, that it was useless for him to do so.

Colonel Arnett on that day did get in ahead of the enemy at Big Spring; blockaded the road beyond; posted some of his men; delayed and fired upon the enemy, but with his small force could do nothing more. His report* is herewith inclosed. I think his conduct throughout is praiseworthy. Major Kesler, owing to the blockades of the enemy and the condition of his horses, could not get up in time. His report* accompanies this.

When General Averell arrived at Monterey his force was not less than 3,000 men. He was afterward re-enforced by two regiments. He had in addition eight pieces of artillery. This whole force came up after me to Warm Springs. At no time when I had all together had I more than 1,000 effective men. Throughout the whole affair I had no artillery. The government cattle within my lines were saved. My train was safely brought out.

My loss in wounded and missing will not exceed 20; and only a few guns and saddles, which could not be brought out, were destroyed by the enemy.

I recaptured a number of cattle and horses belonging to citizens, and captured a number of horses from the enemy. These I will report as soon as I can get them together.

The loss of the enemy in the various skirmishes with my command is believed to be about 25 killed, a number wounded, and 20 prisoners. I have no means for ascertaining the number wounded. General Verell's command suffered severely during his whole advance, the fight at White Sulphur, and throughout his whole retreat.

My command throughout, officers and men, behaved well, enduring patiently great hardships, and conducted themselves as well as any new recruits under the same circumstances.

Regretting that I did not accomplish more, but respectfully submitting that, with all the means and information before me, I accomplished all that was possible, I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel, Commanding Huntersville Line.


Asst. Adjt. General, Department of Western Virginia.

P. S.- I neglected to say in the proper place, that when i first arrived at Gatewood's, and on several occasions, I dispatched to Colonel Patton (with the request that he forward to the general commanding) my opinion that the enemy would after driving my command out of the way, proceed to Lewisburg, and I also dispatched to him, with the same request, all my movements until after I had fallen back from Warm Springs.


*Not found.


Page 52 OPERATIONS IN N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLI.