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68 Series I Volume XXII-I Serial 32 - Little Rock Part I

Page 68 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV.

Numbers 7.- Colonel William F. Cloud, Second Kansas Cavalry, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 8.- Lieutenant Colonel Stephen H. Wattles, First Indian Home Guards.

Numbers 9.- Lieutenant Colonel Owen A. Bassett, Second Kansas Cavalry.

Numbers 10.- Captain Henry Hopkins, Second Kansas Cavalry, commanding battery.

Numbers 11.- Colonel Thomas Ewing, jr., Eleventh Kansas Infantry.

Numbers 12.- Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Moonlight, Eleventh Kansas Infantry.

Numbers 13.- Captain John W. Rabb, Second Indiana Battery.

Numbers 14.- Brigadier General Francis J. Herron, U. S. Army, commanding Second and Third Divisions.

Numbers 15.- Colonel Daniel Huston, jr., Seventh Missouri Cavalry, commanding Second Division.

Numbers 16.- Colonel John G. Clark, Twenty-sixth Indiana Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 17.- Lieutenant Herman Borris, Battery A, Second Illinois Light Artillery.

Numbers 18.- Captain Milton H. Brawner, Seventh Missouri Cavalry.

Numbers 19.- Lieutenant Lafayette Bunner, Seventh Missouri Cavalry.

Numbers 20.- Colonel William McE. Dye, Twentieth Iowa Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 21.- Lieutenant Colonel John Charles Black, Thirty-seventh Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 22.- Captain Frederick J. Abbey, Thirty-seventh Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 23.- Lieutenant Colonel Joseph B. Leake, Twentieth Iowa Infantry.

Numbers 24.- Major Samuel Montgomery, Sixth Missouri Cavalry.

Numbers 25.- Captain David Murphy, Battery F, First Missouri Light Artillery.

Numbers 26.- Colonel Dudley Wickersham, Tenth Illinois Cavalry, commanding First Brigade, Third Division.

Numbers 27.- Colonel James O. Gower, First Iowa Cavalry.

Numbers 28.- Major William H. Miller, Second Wisconsin Cavalry.

Numbers 29.- Lieutenant Colonel Henry Bertram, Twentieth Wisconsin Infantry.

Numbers 30.- Captain Frank Backof, Battery L, First Missouri Light Artillery.

Numbers 31.- Colonel William W. Orme, Ninety-fourth Illinois Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 32.- Lieutenant Colonel McNulta, Ninety-fourth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 33.- Major Daniel Kent, Nineteenth Iowa Infantry.

Numbers 34.- Lieutenant Joseph Foust, Battery E, First Missouri Light Artillery.

Numbers 35.- Captain Amos L. Burrows, First Missouri Cavalry.

Numbers 36.- Major General Thomas C. Hindman, C. S. Army, commanding First Corps, Trans-Mississippi Army, including preliminary skirmishes.

Numbers 37.- Brigadier General John S. Marmaduke, C. S. Army, commanding Fourth Division, Including preliminary skirmishes.

Numbers 38.- Colonel Joseph O. Shelby, Missouri Cavalry (Confederate), commanding Fourth Missouri Cavalry Brigade, including preliminary skirmishes.

Numbers 39.- Colonel J. C. Monroe, Arkansas Cavalry, commanding brigade, including skirmish at Reed's Mountain.

Numbers 40.- Colonel Emmett MacDonald, Missouri Cavalry (Confederate), commanding brigade.

Numbers 41.- Lieutenant Colonel M. L. Young, MacDonald's cavalry.

Numbers 42.- Lieutenant Colonel R. P. Crump, First Texas Partisan Cavalry.

Numbers 43.- Captain Henry C. West, Arkansas battery (Confederate).

Numbers 1. Reports of Major General Samuel R. Curtis, U. S. Army, commanding Department of the Missouri.

SAINT LOUIS, MO., December 9, 1862 - 3 p. m.

My forces and the Army of the Frontier united near Fayetteville in the midst of a hard-fought battle. General Blunt had sustained his

Page 68 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV.