Today in History:

45 Series I Volume XV- Serial 21 - Baton Rouge-Natchez


Lieutenant Charles D. Seely, Orderly Sergt. John A. Bovington, Corpl. Isaac Knight, and Private Henry T. Bachelor, all of Company A, Twenty-first Indiana, who were killed instantly while bravely contesting the ground with the enemy.

Captain Noblet, Twenty-first Indiana, detailing men from his company to assist in working the guns in the Sixth Massachusetts Battery after the gunners were disabled, for his supporting Lieutenant Carruth and his battery.

Lieutenant Brown, of the Twenty-first Indiana, commanding a battery improvised from his regiment, for the efficient manner in which he handled the guns; he deserves promotion to a battery.

Captain Charles E. Clarke, acting colonel Sixth Michigan Regiment, prevented the enemy from flanking our right, bringing his command at the critical moment to the support of Nims' battery.

Lieutenant Howell, Company F, Sixth Michigan, and Lieutenant A. J. Ralph, acting adjutant, for intrepidity.

Captain Spitzer, Sixth Michigan, in command of the company of pickets who handsomely held in check the enemy's advance.

The fearless conduct of Lieutenant Howell, Company E, and Sergeant Thayer, Company A, Sixth Michigan Regiment, after they were wounded, in supporting Lieutenant Brown's battery;Lieutenant Russey, Company A, for his coolness and daring.

Captain Soule and Lieutenant Fassett, Company I, Sixth Michigan, as skirmishers, who were wounded, deserve special notice for the steadiness of their command, which lost heavily in killed and wounded; First Sergt. B. Stoddard, Company I; Captain Smith, Company A; Lieutenant Chapman, Company B; Captain David Bacon, Company K, provost judge.

Major Bickmore and Adjt. J. H. Metcalf, of the Fourteenth Maine, wounded while nobly discharging their duty.

Captain French, Company K, Fourteenth Maine, who was terribly wounded while leading on his men to one of the finest charges of the battle. It is sorrowful indeed to add that by the accident to the steamer Whiteman he was drowned.

Second Sergt. J. A. Seavey, Company C; Corporal Edminster, Company D; Second Sergeant Snow, Company D; Private A. Blackman, Company F; Private Preble, Company I, all of the Fourteenth Maine, are commended for rare bravery.

Acting Ordnance Sergeant Long, Quartermaster Sergeant Gardiner, and Commissary Sergeant Jackman, all of the Fourteenth Maine, and all of whom borrowed guns and entered the ranks at the commencement of the action.

Captain Charles H. Manning, Fourth Massachusetts Battery who fought his battery admirably and established his reputation as a commander.

John Donoghue, Fourth Massachusetts Battery, who brought off from the camp of the Seventh Vermont Regiment their colors at the time of their retreat.

Private John R. Duffee, Fourth Massachusetts Battery; Private Ralph A. Rowley, of Magee's cavalry, who together went into the field, hitched horses under a battery wagon of the Sixth Massachusetts Battery, and brought it off under the fire of the enemy.

Lieutenant William B. Allyn, who had two horses shot under him; Lieutenant Frank Bruce, Ordnance Sergeant Baker, Sergeant Wachter, Corporal Wood, and Private George Andrews all of the Sixth Massachusetts Battery, for especial bravery, gallantry, and good conduct.