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6 Series I Volume XV- Serial 21 - Baton Rouge-Natchez

Page 6 W. FLA., S.ALA., S. MISS., LA., TEX., IN MEX. Chapter XXVII.

No. 38. - Lieutenant Col. M. H. Cofer, Sixth Kentucky Infantry.

No. 39. - Col. Edward Crossland, Seventh Kentucky Infantry.

No. 40. - Col. H. W. Allen, Fourth Louisiana Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 41. - Col. Gustavus A. Breaux, Thirtieth Louisiana Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 42. - Lieutenant Col. S. E. Hunter, Fourth Louisiana Infantry.

No. 43. - Col. Gustavus A. Breaux, Thirtieth Louisiana Infantry.

No. 44. - Lieutenant Col. T. Shields, Thirtieth Louisiana Infantry.

No. 45. - Captain Thomas Bynum, Boyd's Battalion, Stewart's Legion.

No. 46. - Captain O. J. Semmes, commanding Battery.

No. 1. Report of Brigadier General M. L. Smith, C. S. Army, commanding defenses of Vicksburg, of operations at Vicksburg, May 18-July 27.

Vicksburg, Miss., August -, 1862.

MAJOR: The following report of the attack and defense of Vicksburg is respectfully submitted to the major-general commanding the District of Mississippi:

I assumed command of Vicksburg and its defense on May 12, in obedience to orders from Major-General Lovell, and proceeded at once to prepare for the approach of the enemy, then known to have passed Baton Rouge with a formidable fleet, having in view to open the river to Memphis and Fort Pillow then in our possession. At the time of arriving the state of preparation for defense was as follows; Of the ten batteries that have been in use three were mostly completed and a fourth begun; the armed troops present consisted of the remnant of the Eighth Louisiana Battalion, Lieutenant-Colonel Pinkney, and the Twenty-seventh Louisiana Volunteers, Colonel Marks, both of my brigade, which had preceded me some six or ten days. Col. J. L. Autry, ordered here by General Bragg, was found in command, pushing the works forward vigorously through his chief engineer, Captain D. B. Harris, who afterward remained with me in the same capacity until most of the works were completed.*

From the 12th until the 18th, the works were pushed forward night and day with all possible vigor, at the end of which the first division of the Federal fleet, with transports carrying some 3,000 men, made their appearance, and found as in a condition to dispute with a fair prospect of success a farther advance; that is to say, six batteries were complete the cannoneers at their posts and fairly drilled. The arrival of this advanced division was immediately followed by a demand for the surrender of Vicskburg and its defenses, couched in the following terms:


Near Vicskburg, May 18, 1862


The undersigned,with orders from Flag-Officer Farragut and Major-General Butler, respectfully demand, in advance of the approaching fleet, the surrender of Vicksburg


*See Beauregard to Cooper, September 24, 1862, in "Correspondence, etc." post.


Page 6 W. FLA., S.ALA., S. MISS., LA., TEX., IN MEX. Chapter XXVII.