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80 Series I Volume XLVI-II Serial 96 - Appomattox Campaign Part II

Page 80 N. AND SE. VA., N.C., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.

knows. Coming down it was bad enough. The machinery of two of the vessels was disabled in the storm, and two others were injured by it. I wish you would say to Abbot that I am not sure we will be able to get any gabion or rivetting material on shore, and think the quantity mentioned in my memorandum should be increased; also that he should bring a lot of iron wire, telegraph or smaller. General Terry speaks very highly of the New York Volunteer Engineerse (Serrell's), and of their experience in siege work at Fort Wagner, and would like to have some of them. The memorandum I left mentioned one company of engineers. If Abbot has not started when this reaches you, it would probably be best to make the selection from them, sending 100 or 150, but not, by no manner of means, including Colonel Serrell.

There is no hope, at least at present of the admiral's trying to run by Fort Fisher, but it may be that, if we get a foothold, we can haul boats, across into Cape Fear River and establish a boat blockade of the fort.

To-night weather is worse; vessels are coming in from outside to escape the northeaster which all the old sea-dogs are predicting. To-day the wind has been fresh all day. The truth is, nothing can be done in the way of landing or of navy fire without either a dead calm or, better still, a little breeze off shore to keep down the rollers which come in on this coast even when there is no wind. General Terry has told the admiral that he is at his disposal when the weather will do. There are rumors at New Berne that the rebs are collecting a force at Kinston to make an attack on the latter place. These may very likely come from the movements of troops to the south, and from the fact that they attack it every winter; still, if its garrison is small, it might be increased from Norfolk, or the Army of the James for the winter, as it would be a very important base for Sherman if he went to Raleigh. I will try to find out more about these stories and let you know.

Yours, truly.




Steamer General Lyon, January 9, 1865.

The colonel commanding directs me to instruct you to be able, at the close of this expedition, to report the names of such officers and enlisted men of your command as shall have distinguished themselves by general or any particular act of good behavior, in order that their conduct may be reported, and that they may receive due credit therefor, either in promotion or in medals or in honorable mention in reports. The substance of this circular will be communicated to all commanders of companies and by them to their men.

I am, very respectfully, &c.,


Captain and Assistant Adjutant-General.

January 9, 1865.


First New Hampshire Cavalry, commanding on Upper Potomac:

MAJOR: Recently a party of nine of Mosby's men crossed the Potomac in your front and passed through your picket-line without discovery.

Page 80 N. AND SE. VA., N.C., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.