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98 Series I Volume XIX-II Serial 28 - Antietam Part II

Page 98 Chapter XXXI. OPERATIONS IN N. VA., MD., AND PA.

when they ran, as they always do. There is no force this side of the Shenandoah but these few, who easily forded, on an alarm being given on the other side. There is considerable artillery at Millwood and near there. I am informed by prisoners and others that on account of our approach Hill's division is ordered down to the Shenandoah. From Upperville i marched to Rectortown and Salem, driving the enemy before us in all directions, making prisoners of infantry, cavalry, and scouts, amounting to about 80 men. From Selem I left at night for White Plains, arriving there at midnight, where we encamped, sending strong detachments, taking possession of Thoroughfare Gap.

This morning early I intended to march to Warrenton, to ascertain the force of the enemy there, which is variously stated as being considerable infantry and artillery; others as a brigade of cavalry, and others as only a small force of cavalry. Just as I was making my preparations, some of the pickets came in with the news that some wagons, with a small escort, with provision, were captured by 400 rebels early in the morning. A few minutes afterward, one man came in confirming the news, and that the enemy were advancing in strong force through Thoroughfare Gap. Shortly after, the report came in that my force were driven out of the gap, and that the enemy were advancing with artillery and a lange force of cavalry, and in possession of the gap. I at once took a strong advance guard of Colonel Wyndham's command and pushed for the gap, and after skirmishing, with a loss of 1 or 2 men and horses and 1 captain wounded, we drove them through the gap and following them up as closely as closely as the condition of my horses will allow. I will send you further report as soon as any news comes in. I send in one the enemy's caissons full of ammunition.

The number of our prisoners altogether amounts to 80 and more. I will send in a full account at a more convenient time.

I hope to send you good reports to-night, as I am hard in pursuit, and they retreating at full run on every road.



OCTOBER 21, 1862. - Reconnaissance from Loudoun Heights to Lovettsville, Va., and skirmishers en route.


Numbers 1.-Major General George B. McClelan, U. S. Army, commanding Army of the Potomac.

Numbers 2.-Brigadier G. John W. Geary, U. S. Army.

Numbers 1. Report of Major General George B. McClellan, U. S. Army, commanding Army of the Potomac.

October 21, 1862-6 p. m. (Received 7. 20 p. m.)

The expedition which started last night after the rebel foraging party, near Lovettsville, is just head from. We captured 28 prisoners, with their horses and arms, including a captain; killed, 10. Our loss was 1 man killed and 3 or 4 slightly wounded. This was done by a detachment of Devin's cavalry, under Colonel Devin.

Page 98 Chapter XXXI. OPERATIONS IN N. VA., MD., AND PA.