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154 Series I Volume XIX-I Serial 27 - Antietam Part I

Page 154 OPERATIONS IN N VA, W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XXXI.

destroying much property of the enemy and bringing back upward of 600 captured horses.

Wednesday, October 15.-Position of army unchanged. Telegram from Captain McPhail concerning disposition of guns turned in at Staunton. Reply: "Keep all serviceable rifle and Napoleon guns and send others to Richmond. Are any small-arms on road to Winchester?" Telegraphed to Colonel Gorgas for 2,000 arms additional to 6,000 already ordered. Telegraphed to Lieutenant Ward, Staunton: "How soon can you commence supplying arms for issue, and how many per day?" Note to Captain John Lane, Irwin Artillery, advising retention in his battery of the 3 inch navy Parrott guns, and offering to have special ammunition prepared for them. Requisition from Lieutenant Fry, commanding battery, for four guns; referred to General Pendleton, to be filled from inefficient batteries; failing in this, from Staunton. Requisition from Captain Poague for 200 rounds 20-pounder Parrott Ammunition; telegraphed for to Staunton. Following dispatch received 10 p. m. from Captain McPhail, Staunton: "The wagons have arrived, and nothing to load them with. I have repeatedly telegraphed for what is needed to Richmond. Will send special messenger to Colonel Gorgas in the morning. Will not you also telegraph him?" Telegraphed accordingly to Colonel Gorgas to fill all requisitions, telegraphic or written from Captain McPhail.

Thursday, October 16.-Position of army unchanged. Requisition for 4,000 arms for General Longstreet's corps and 1,000 extra belts for cartridge-boxes; telegraphed to Captain McPhail to prepare the latter. Seventeen wagons returned from Staunton, bringing small amount of ammunition and cavalry equipments in default of more ammunition of proper kinds at Staunton. Application from Lieutenant Archer, ordnance officer, General A. P. Hill's division, to exchange ammunition unsuitable from exchange of armament of division for Enfield and 3-inch rifle ammunition; approved and ordered. Letter from McPhail on condition of depot at Staunton, and asking authority for the erection of sheds; referred to General Lee, who declined authorizing it. Enemy advancing apparently in force in the afternoon, driving in our pickets. Notice from General Lee, at 10 p. m., to be prepared for a fight or a march on tomorrow morning.

Friday, October 17.-Troops under arms in camp, and wagon trains loaded and harnessed up. Headquarters camp removed half a mile to a grove. Enemy in position in front of our pickets during the day, but withdrew near sundown. Telegram received from Gorgas: "McPhail's requisitions have all been filled." Telegram from Captain McPhail: "No accouterments on hand." Another: "Enough received to load train; sent to Richmond for more; 2,000 taken away by Jackson's ordance officer on Sunday." General Jackson's ordnance officer arrived to-day with twenty wagon-loads of arms and accouterments. Telegraphed to Colonel Gorgas requisition for 600 rounds ammunition for Lane's 3-inch navy Parrotts, 300 percussion shell, and 300 spherical case.

Saturday, October 18.-Position of army unchanged.

Sunday, October 19.-Position of army unchanged. Report received from Colonel Manning of number of guns lost and abandoned in recent engagements by batteries now attached to Longstreet's corps, showing one 3-inch rifle, two 12-pounder howitzers (see October 21), one 6-pounder gun, three 10-pounder Parrots, seven caissons, and one forge. Letters written to Captains Read, Maurin, and Moorman, by whom four of these guns were lost, calling for explanation of the circumstances

Page 154 OPERATIONS IN N VA, W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XXXI.