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3 Series I Volume XIX-I Serial 27 - Antietam Part I


Oct. 26-Nov. 10, 1862.-Operations in Loudoun, Fauguier, and Rappahannock Counties, Va.

27, 1862.- Major General Samuel P. Heintzelman, U. S. Army, supersedes Major-General Banks in command of the Defenses of Washington.

29, 1862.-Capture of Confederate pickets opposite Williamsport, Md.

Skirmish near Petersburg, W. Va.

30, 1862.- Brigadier General George Stoneman, U. S. Army, supersedes Major- General Heintzelman in command of the Third Army Corps.

31, 1862.- Skirmish near the Falls of the kanawha, W. Va.

Nov. 5-14, 1862.- Operations in Augusta, Bath, and Highland Counties, Va., and Pendleton and Pocahontas Counties, W. Va.

6, 1862.- Lieutenant Gens. James Longstreet and Thomas J. Jackson, C. S. Army, assigned respectively to command of the First and Second Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.

Skirmish at Martinsburg, W. Va.

7, 1862.- Major-General Burnside supersedes Major-General McClellan in command of the Army of the Potomac.

8-14, 1862.- Imboden's expedition from hardy into Tucker County, W. Va., and capture of Saint George.

9, 1862.- Reconnaissance from Bolivar Heights to Rippon, W. Va

Skirmish at Fredericksburg, Va.

Skirmish on the South Fork of the Potomac, W. Va.

9-11, 1862.-Expedition into Greenbier County, W. Va.

10, 1862.- Major General Joseph Hooker, U. S. Army supersedes Major General Fitz John Porter in command of the Fifth Army Corps.

Brigadier General John S. Williams, C. S. Army, assigned to command of the Department of Western Virginia.

Skirmish at Charlestown, Jefferson County, W. Va.

10-12, 1862.-Operations along the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, Va.

11, 1862.-Skirmish at Jefferson, Va.

13-14, 1862.-Skirmishes at Sulphur Springs, Va.

14, 1862.-Army of the Potomac organized into three grand divisions- right, center, and left-under command of Major Gens. E. V. Summer, Joseph Hooker, and W. B. Franklin.

Major-General Sumner assumes command of the Right Grand Division.

Skirmish at Waterloo, Va.

Skirmish at Jefferson, Va.


Numbers 1.- Major General Henry W. Halleck, U. S. Army, General-in-Chief, of operations September 3-October 24.

Numbers 2. -Major General George B. McClellan, U. S. Army, commanding the Army of the Potomac, of operations August 14-November 9.

Numbers 3.-Brigadier General Rufus Ingalls, Chief Quartermaster, Army of the Potomac, of operations of the Quartermaster's Department September 2-

November 9, with annual report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1863.

Numbers 4. -Surg. Jonathan Letterman, U. S. Army, Medical Director, Army of the Potomac, of the Medical Department September 2- November 7.

Numbers 5. -Major Albert J. Myer, U. S. Army, Chief Signal Officer, of operations August 30-September 20.

*See also report of Colonel Henry F. Clarke, u. S. Army, Commissary of Subsistence, Series I, Vol. XI, Part I, pp. 166-177.