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896 Series I Volume XXXIX-III Serial 79 - Allatoona Part III

Page 896 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.


Twelve torpedoes, continuing the line, begun at a point of shoal known as "middle ground" and running in same direction, unmasking Battery Gladden, about 200 yards south of Battery McIntosh, in eight feet water, about forty feet apart.

One submarine battery mounting three 400-pounder shells, bolted on framed timbers thirty feet long, about one mile and three-quarters east-southeast Battery McIntosh, near eastern side of channel, running into Burns Bayou, and nearly opposite lower point of Blakely Bar.

The greater portion of the week has been devoted to the construction of mortar batteries.

Respectfully submitted.


Lieutenant -Colonel and Chief Engineer District of the Gulf.

RICHMOND, November 7, 1864.

(Via Meridian 11th.)

General J. B. HOOD;

No troops can have been sent by Grant or Sheridan no Nashville. The latter has attempted to re-enforce the former, but Early's movements prevented it. That fact may assure you as to their condition and purposes. The policy of taking advantage of the separated DIVISIONS of Sherman's forces, by attacking him where he cannot reunite his army, is too obvious to have been overlooked by you. I therefore take it for granted that you have not been able to avail yourself of that advantage during his march northward from Atlanta, and hope the opportunity will be offered before he is extensively recruited. If you keep his communications broken he will most probably seek to concentrate for an attack on you. But if, as reported to you, he has sent a large part of his force southward, you may first beat him in detail, and subsequently without serious obstruction or danger to the country in your rear, advance to the Ohio River.


Abstract from field return of the artillery of Lee's corps, Army of Tennessee, Colonel R. F. Beckham commanding, for November 7, 1864.

Present for duty.

Command. Offic Men. Effec Aggre Aggre Piece Priso

ers. tive gate gate s of ners

total prese prese field of

. nt. nt artil war.

and lery.



Field and 4 2 - 6 6 - -


Courtney's 10 203 197 240 282 10 3


Eldridge's 14 306 293 379 494 12 4


Johnston's 14 215 214 284 417 12 39


Total 42 726 704 909 1,199 34 a46

a Included in aggregate present and absent.

One section of Garrity's battery, Courtney's battalion, is absent on detached duty.

Respectfully submitted.


Colonel of Artillery.

Page 896 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.