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895 Series I Volume XXXIX-III Serial 79 - Allatoona Part III


HDQRS. DIST. OF Miss. AND EAST LA., Numbers 11.
Jackson, Miss., November 6, 1864.

I. Brigadier General Wirt Adams is hereby assigned to the command of the Northern District of Mississippi, and will at once establish his headquarters, &c., at Holly Springs.

* * * * * *

By command of Major General Frank. Gardner:


Assistant Adjutant -General.

Weekly report of operations for the defense of Mobile, Ala., during the week ending November 5, 1864.


Mobile, Ala., November 6, 1864.


The force employed on the city entrenchments have been at work on the curtain line between I and K, on which reasonable progress has been made notwithstanding the great quantity of rain. In this we have been assisted materially by the operations of the turbine pump, which is now working well, throwing about 782 gallons per minute.

N. The work is still progressing on the covered way on east face, on the east and south bastions and chemin -de -roude on south face, and on the galleries to the magazine. During this week drains have been put in from the several service magazines and through the parade on South and WEST faces to rear ditch.


Round battery. -Has been placed in position and partly secured by piles. It would have been completely secured but for the sinking of the pile-drive. The revetment for the outer slope of the parapet has been nearly finished.

McIntosh Battery. -The hands have been engaged in repairing damages done by recent rains and the carpenters in erecting galleries.

Camel Battery. -The sand-bags have been taken up and their places supplied with sods. A heavy gun has been mounted on the left flank of this battery.

A pass through the lower obstructions has been made by pulling up the piles and two erectial obstructions prepared to close it whenever required.

A pile-drive is still at work driving piles in Conway Creek.


Huger. -The operations at Battery Huger the first three days of the week were very limited on account of the small force engaged. An effective force is now at work and considerable progress is being made. The carpenters have put in and covered the magazine on the east side of the bomb-proof, and it had been covered with earth about eight feet. The parapet is being raised one foot on the old glacis and in some parts strengthened. The service magazines are being covered with additional earth. Some progress is being made in sodding.

Blakely. -The hands are engaged in loading the barge Ambassador with earth for Huger, cutting and putting sod on the flat-boat for the same place, and procuring fuel.

The gang of hands was taken from the pile-drive to work on the obstructions below the city and only replaced Friday.