Today in History:

851 Series I Volume XXXIX-III Serial 79 - Allatoona Part III


Redan M with pointle crosses and necessary irons complete, ready for guns to be mounted. At N foundation stills form two platforms have been put in. One of the platforms for 7-inch Brooke gun is ready for the chassis, and a second one nearly ready. A THIRD one is in progress; commenced framing front pintle platforms. Carpenters have also been employed in making staging-trestler, drain-boxes, &c.


Conway Bayon. -One row of piles has been planted in rear of the four old rows. The works is being continued.

Camel Battery. -The magazine mound has been finished.

McIntosh. -The filling up in rear of the bomb-proof has been brought up to the level of the terre-plein. The pit for the 10-inch columbia on the east flank has been sodded.

Gladden. -The 8-inch banded has been dispounted, and the platform, altered for a 10-inch banded gun, which will be mounted Monday.

Octagonal Battery. -Has been brought inside the upper line of obstructions, but could not be put in position on account of north winds and low tides.

Iron-Clad Battery. -It nearly compelled.

Choctaw Spit. -Cribbing is being removed.

The C. S. M., having been run into by the guard boat May, sunk at the wharf on Sunday last. She is now being raised. The Magnolia broke her wheel and was delayed one day.


Blakely. -Force has been employed in clearing the ground for a new line of redoubts and in loading barges with earth for Huger.

Tracy. -Except some carpenter work, nothing of importance has been done.

Huger. -Excavation for new magazine finished; strengthening of parapet continued.

Spanish Fort. -All the guns of battery Numbers 1 have been mounted. Strengthening of profile of Numbers 2 has been continued.

Obstructions. -in Blakely (Western) River the driving of piles has been continued.


Sixteen torpedoes anchored in pocket of Burns Bayon, beginning at a point on eastern side of channel, in six feet and a half of water, opposite and about midway between the Appalachee Batteries and Spanish Fort, extending as nearly north -northwest as practicable toward Battery McIntosh. Eleven torpedoes anchored in same pocket, beginning nearly opposite the point of Appalachee Bar, in eight feet of water, and extending WEST toward lower point of harbor obstructions. Seventeen torpedoes anchored at the mouth of Burns Bayon, scattered from lower point of obstructions below Battery McIntosh in a northeasterly and easterly direction, in from six to nine feet and a half water. Want of carts and continued discharges of teams and hands are impeding progress of work. Torpedo -boat Lee arrived this morning.

Respectfully submitted.


Lieutenant Colonel and Chief Engineer, District of the Gulf.