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894 Series I Volume XXXIX-II Serial 78 - Allatoona Part II

Page 894 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.

Bowie's (Andrew W.) Cavalry. See Alabama Troops, Confederate.

Bowlus' (Lewis H.) Cavalry. See Ohio Troops, 9th Regiment.

Bowyer's (Eli) Infantry. See Missouri Troops, Union, 11th Regiment.

Boyd's (David) Infantry. See Union Troops, Colored, 40th Regiment.

Boydston's (Nelson N.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 30th Regiment.

Brackett's (Albert G.) Cavalry. See Illinois Troops, 9th Regiment.

Bradburn's (John W.) Infantry. See Union Troops, Veteran Reserve Corps, 2nd Battalion, 67th 87th, and 157th Companies.

Bradford's (J. D.) Cavalry Scouts. See MISSISSIPPI Troops, Confederate.

Bradford's (J. L.) Artillery. See MISSISSIPPI Troops, Confederate, 1st Regiment.

Bradley's (Cullen) Artillery. See Ohio Troops, 6th Battery.

Bradley's (Daniel) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 20th Regiment.

Bradley's (George) Infantry. See Minnesota Troops, 7th Regiment.

Bradshaw's (Oliver A.) Infantry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate, 34th and 46th Regiments.

Brant's (Jefferson E.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 85th Regiment.

Bratton's (John C.) Infantry. See Arkansas Troops, 9th Regiment.

Brazelton's Cavalry. (Official designation not of record.) See --- - Brazelton.

Breckinridge's (William C. P.) Cavalry. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate, 9th Regiment.

Brent's (Preston) Infantry. See MISSISSIPPI Troops, Confederate, 38th Regiment.

Bridges' (Lyman) Artillery. See Illinois Troops.

Bridgewater's (James H.) Scouts. See Kentucky Troops, Union.

Bringhurst's (Thomas H.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 46th Regiment.

Brisbin's (James S.) Cavalry. See Union Troops, Colored, 5th Regiment.

Britton's (William B.) Infantry. See Wisconsin Troops, 8th Regiment.

Brock's (John W. M.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 27th Regiment.

Bronson's (Stephen) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 141st Regiment.

Brookhaven Artillery. See MISSISSIPPI Troops, Confederate.

Brooks' (William M.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, Confederate, 3rd Regiment, Reserves.

Brown's Battalion. (Official Designation not of record.) See --- Brown (Confederate).

Brown's (Aaron) Infantry. See Iowa Troops, 3rd Regiment.

Brown's (Frederick H.) Infantry. See Union Troops, Regulars, 18th Regiment, 2nd Battalion.

Brown's (George R.) Artillery. See Indiana Troops, 9th Battery.

Brown's (Isaac M.) Cavalry. See Indiana Troops, 6th Regiment.

Brown's (J. William) Infantry. See Texas Troops, 7th Regiment.

Brown's (Napoleon B.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 101st Regiment.

Brown's (Richard H.) Cavalry. See Missouri Troops, Union, 12th Regiment.

Brown's (Robert C.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 64th Regiment.

Brown's (Simeon B.) Cavalry. See Michigan Troops, 11th Regiment.

Brown's (T. W.) Infantry. See Louisiana Troops, 9th Battalion.

Brown's (William N.) Infantry. See MISSISSIPPI Troops, Confederate, 20th Regiment.

Browne's (Cyrus M.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 55th Regiment.

Brownlow's (John B.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Union, 9th Regiment.

Broyles' (Charles E.) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 36th Regiment.

Brumback's (Jefferson) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 95th Regiment.

Bruner's (James R.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 130th Regiment.

Brunner's (John F.) Artillery. See Missouri Troops, Union, 1st Regiment, Battery H.

Bryan's (B. J.) Cavalry. See W. R. Miles' Legion, post.

Bryan's (Thomas J.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 74th Regiment.

Bryant's (George E.) Infantry. See Wisconsin Troops, 12th Regiment.

Bryant's (Julian E.) Infantry. See Union Troops, Colored, 51st Regiment.

Page 894 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.