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856 Series I Volume XXXIX-II Serial 78 - Allatoona Part II

Page 856 KY., SW., VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.




Allen's Brigade.

1st Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel D. T. Blakey.

3rd Alabama, Colonel James Hagan.

4th Alabama, Colonel Alfred A. Russell.

7th Alabama, Captain George Mason.

51st Alabama, Colonel M. L. Kirkpatrick.

12th Alabama Battalion, Captain Warren S. Reese.

Iverson's Brigade.

1st Georgia, Colonel Samuel W. Davitte.

2nd Georgia, Colonel Charles C. Crews.

3rd Georgia, Colonel Robert Thompson.

4th Georgia, Colonel Isaac W. Avery.

6th Georgia, Colonel John R. Hart.


Ashby's Brigade.

1st [6th] Tennessee, Colonel James T. Wheeler.

2nd Tennessee, Captain William M. Smith.

5th Tennessee, Colonel George W. McKEnzie.

9th Tennessee Battalion, Major James H. Akin.

Harrison's Brigade.

3rd Arkansas, Colonel Amson W. Hobson.

4th Tennessee, Lieutenant Colonel Paul F. Anderson.

8th Texas, Lieutenant Colonel Gustave Cook.

11th Texas, Colonel George R. Reeves.


Anderson's Brigade.

3rd Confederate, Lieutenant Colonel John McCaskill.

8th Confederate, Lieutenant Colonel John S. Prather.

10th Confederate, Captain William J. Vason.

12th Confederate, Captain Charles H. Conner.

5th Georgia, Colonel Edward Bird.

Hannon's Brigade.

53rd Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel John F. Gaines.

24th Alabama Battalion, Major Robert B. Snodgrass.

Dibrell's Brigade.

4th Tennessee, Colonel William S. McLemore.

8th Tennessee, Captain Jefferson Leftwich.

9th Tennessee, Captain James M. Reynolds.

10th Tennessee, Major John Minor.

11th Tennessee, Colonel Daniel W. Holman.

Williams' Brigade.

1st [3d] Kentucky, Colonel J. R. Butler.

2nd Kentucky [Woodward's regiment], Major Thomas W. Lewis.

9th Kentucky, Colonel William C. P. Breckinridge.

2nd Kentucky Battalion, Captain John B. Dortch.

Allison's (Tennessee) Squadron,

Hamilton's (Tennessee) Battalion,
Major Joseph Shaw.


4th Georgia, Colonel Duncan L. Clinch.

Sanders' Battalion, Captain Calvin F. Sanders.


*Compiled from return of August 1, 1864. See explanatory foot- note (++), Vol. XXXVIII, Part III, p. 683.

+Brigadier General John T. Morgan's command; taken from an inspection report of September 20. Sanders' battalion was composed of companies detached from regiments and independent companies that had been acting as escorts.


Page 856 KY., SW., VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.