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854 Series I Volume XXXIX-II Serial 78 - Allatoona Part II

Page 854 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.


Major General Henry D. CLAYTON.

Stovall's Brigade.

Brigadier General MARCELLUS A. STOVALL.

40th Georgia, Major Raleigh S. Camp.

41st Georgia, Captain Jared E. Stallings.

42nd Georgia, Captain Lovick P. Thomas.

43rd Georgia, Colonel Henry C. Kellogg.

52nd Georgia, Captain J. R. Russell.

1st Georgia (State Troops), Major William Tate.

Gibson's Brigade.

Brigadier General RANDALL L. GIBSON.

1st Louisiana (Regulars), Captain William Quirk.

4th Louisiana, Colonel Samuel E. Hunter.

13th Louisiana, Lieutenant Colonel Francis L. Campbell.

16th Louisiana,
Lieutenant Colonel

25th Louisiana,
Robert H. Lindsay.

19th Louisiana, Captain Camp Flournoy.

20th Louisiana, Captain Alexander Dresel.

30th Louisiana, Captain H. P. Jones.

4th Louisiana Battalion, Captain T. Alexander Bisland.

14th Louisiana Battalion Sharpshooters, Major John E. Austin.

Holtzclaw's Brigade.


18th Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel Peter F. Hunley.

32nd Alabama,
Major Harry

58th Alabama,
I. Thornton.

36th Alabama, Captain Nathan M. Carpenter.

38th Alabama, Captain Benjamin Lane Posey.


Lieutenant General ALEXANDER. P. STEWART.


Major General WILLIAM W. LORING.

Featherston's Brigade.


1st Mississippi, Major Milton S. Alcorn.

3rd Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel Samuel M. Dyer.

22nd Mississippi, Major Martin A. Oatis.

31st Mississippi, Colonel Marcus D. L. Stephens.

33rd Mississippi, Major Robert J. Hall.

40th Mississippi, Captain Charles A. Huddleston.

1st MISSISSIPPI Battalion Sharpshooters, Major James M. Stigler.

Adams' Brigade.

Brigadier General John. ADAMS.

6th Mississippi, Colonel Robert Lowry.

14th Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel Washington L. Doss.

15th Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel James R. Binford.

20th Mississippi, Colonel William N. Brown.

23rd Mississippi, Major George W. B. Garrett.

43rd Mississippi, Colonel Richard Harrison.

Scott's Brigade.

Brigadier General Thomas M SCOTT.

27th Alabama,

35th Alabama,
Colonel Samuel S. Ives.

49th Alabama,

55th Alabama, Major James B. Dickey.

57th Alabama, Major J. Horatio Wiley.

12th Louisiana, Captain Evander McN. Graham.


*Baker's brigade, consisting of the 37th, 40th, 42d, and 54th Alabama Regiments, reported in this DIVISION April 30 to August 31, transferred to Mobile.


Page 854 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.