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30 Series I Volume XXXIX-II Serial 78 - Allatoona Part II

Page 30 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.

been an excellent move, and orders were issued to that effect, but the necessity of concentrating all our effective strength on this line, and preserving our communication to the rear prevented. The expedition which you have sketched out I approve and leave it to your judgment to select the time. The authority for you to undertake it was given in my telegram of May 12* directing you to organize an expedition and strike Grenada. You can use the militia to hold Memphis and organize an infantry force from the old troops at your disposal to move out and support the cavalry. Notify Major- General Slocum, in command at Vicksburg, when you intend to move, and he will co-operate with you up the Yazoo River. Inflict as much damage upon the enemy as you can, and keep him occupied along the MISSISSIPPI River. We are getting along well here. The veteran regiments belonging to your command now at Saint Louis have been ordered down, and, I hope, will return will equipped and provided with horses.

Very respectfully,


Major-General, Commanding.

Vicksburg, May 15, 1864. (Received 16th.)

Major General C. C. WASHBURN,

Commanding District of WEST Tennessee:

GENERAL: I have the honor of acknowledging the receipt of your communication of the 10th instant, inclosing copy of your Order No. 3. + I concur in every sentiment contained in it, and although I have not attempted to prevent all trade, I am not certain but that I should have promoted the interest of the service by doing so. I am earnestly endeavoring to effect a change within this district, and am sanguine of good results. I inclose copies of two orders recently issued by me. If you can make it convenient I should be very glad to receive a visit from you, and have an opportunity of conferring more fully with you.

I am, general, yours, truly,




HDQRS. DISTRICT OF Vicksburg, No. 4. Vicksburg, Miss., May 5, 1864.

I. No persons except those in the employ of the United States Government, and loyal citizens, or those who have taken the oath of allegiance, will hereafter be permitted to pass the picket-lines at any post within this district.

II. No goods or merchandise of any king will hereafter be allowed to pass outside the lines, except the necessary supplies for planters working lands leased from the United States, and limited quantities to citizens who have taken the oath of allegiance. No citizen will be allowed to take out supplies for any persons except himself and his immediate family, and in no case will more than thirty days' supplies be taken out.

III. The provost-marshal at every post will keep an accurate record of every pass granted, and of all permits approved by himself, or the


*See p. 25.

+See p. 22.


Page 30 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.