Today in History:

2 Series I Volume XI-I Serial 12 - Peninsular Campaign Part I


May 9, 1862.-Norfolk evacuated by the Confederate forces.

Skirmish at Slatersville.

10, 1862.-Norfolk and Portsmouth occupied by the Union forces. 13, 1862.-Skirmish at Baltimore Cross-Roads, near New Kent Court-House.

15, 1862.-Engagement at Fort Darling, James River.

17, 1862.-Major General Irvin McDowell ordered to move upon Richmond in co-operation with Major-General McClellan.

Expedition up the Pamunkey River.

18, 1862.-Brigadier General Fitz John Porter, U. S. Army, assumes command of Fifth Army Corps


Major General William B. Franklin, U. S. Army, assumes command of Sixth Army Corps.

18-19, 1862.-Reconnaissance toward Old Church.

19, 1862.-Skirmish at City Point, James River.

Skirmish at Gaines' Mill.

20-23, 1862.-Operations about Bottom's Bridge, Chickahominy River.

21, 1862.-Advance across Botton's Bridge.

22, 1862.-Reconnaissance to New Castle and Hanovertown Ferries.

23, 1862.-Reconnaissance from Bottom's Bridge toward Richmond.

Reconnaissance from Bottom's Bridge to the Turkey Island Creek Bridge.

Skirmish at Ellison's Mill, near Mechanicsville.

Skirmish at Hogan's, near New Bridge.

24, 1862.-McDowell's orders to move upon Richmond suspended.

Skirmish at New Bridge.

Skirmish at Seven Pines.

Skirmish at Mechanicsville.

Reconnaissance toward Hanover Court-House.

25-26, 1862.-Expedition from Bottom's Bridge to James River.

26, 1862.-Reconnaissance toward Hanover Court-House.

27, 1862.-Skirmish at Slash Church.

Skirmish at White Oaks.

27-29, 1862.-Engagement at Hanover Court-House (27th) and operations (28th-29th) in that vicinity.

28, 1862.-Virginia Central Railroad Bridge, on South Anna River, destroyed by Union forces.

Destruction of Confederate supplies at Ashland.

29, 1862.-Skirmish near Seven Pines.

Richmond and Fredericksburg Railroad Bridge, on South Anna River, destroyed.

30, 1862.-Skirmish near Fair Oaks.

Skirmish near Zuni.

31-June 1, 1862.-Battle of Fair Oaks,or Seven Pines.

June 1, 1862.-General Robert E. Lee, C. S. Army, assumes command of the Army of Northern Virginia.

The Department of Virginia extended and embraced in Major General George B. McClellan's command, Major General John E. Wool, U. S. Army, being assigned to the Middle Department, and Major General John A. Dix, U. S. Army, to command at Fort Monroe.

1-2, 1862.-Reconnaissance beyond Seven Pines.

2, 1862.-Expedition to Wormley's Ferry, Pamunkey River.

3-7, 1862.-Reconnaissance to the James River to communicate with the Union fleet.

5, 1862.-Skirmish at New Bridge.

7, 1862.-Reconnaissance on east bank of the Chickahominy.