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705 Series I Volume IV- Serial 4 - Operations in the South and West

Page 705(Official Records Volume 4)  


SPECIAL ORDERS,} ADJT. AND INSP'R GENERAL'S OFFICE, Numbers 240. } Richmond, Va., November 26, 1861.

* * * *

4. Roanoke Island will hereafter constitute a portion of General Branch's district in General Gatlin's command. General Gatlin will send to Roanoke Island a regiment of North Carolina troops to relieve Colonel Wright's Third Regiment Georgia Volunteers, and then order the latter to report for duty to General Huger, at Norfolk, Va.

* * * *

By command of the Secretary of War:

JNO. WITHERS, Assistant Adjutant-General.


General S. COOPER, Adjutant and Inspector General, Richmond, Va.:

GENERAL: In accordance with Special Orders, Numbers 240, I have ordered Colonel Jordan's regiment of North Carolina volunteers to proceed to Roanoke Island.

Under instructions from these headquarters, dated the 11th ultimo, Brigadier-General Hill assumed command of the forces upon that island, as being included in his district. Brigadier-General Branch has relieved Brigadier-General Hill in command of the District of the Pamlico.

Having more than once addressed the Department on the subject of establishing another district in the Department of North Carolina, I renew the subject at this time with some diffidence; yet the removal of Brigadier-General Hill and the appointment of a successor of less experience makes it advisable that I should represent the necessity of a division of the district now commanded by Brigadier-General Branch. General Hill, with all his activity, was never able to make a tour of his command in less than fifteen days, such is its extent coastwise. As it is impossible that one officer can give proper attention to the whole district, I beg respectfully to recommend that it be divided, and that a district be formed out of it and a small part of the District of the Cape Fear, embracing the country along the coast from New River to the Neuse River, including the waters of the latter. Within the limits of the proposed district there are now stationed three regiments of infantry, five companies of artillery, three of cavalry, and a number of local companies, and within the remaining part of the District of the Pamlico there are four regiments of infantry, two of cavalry, and a number of local companies; quite troops enough in either to require the entire attention of a brigadier-general.

Permit me to recommend that Colonel Reuben P. Campbell, of the Seventh Regiment of North Carolina State troops, be appointed a brigadier-general, and assigned to the command of the proposed district, which may be denominated the District of the Neuse. Colonel Campbell resigned his captaincy in the Second Dragoons upon the secession of North Carolina, and was appointed to his present command, in which he ranks next after Colonel Bradford, who is the senior colonel in the State service.

Hoping that these suggestions and recommendations will meet with favorable consideration, I remain, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

R. C. GATLIN, Brigadier-General, Commanding.