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698 Series I Volume IV- Serial 4 - Operations in the South and West

Page 698(Official Records Volume 4)  


will be composed of the troops stationed at the following posts, viz: Yorktown, Upper Grafton Church, Ship Point, Harrod's Mill, Camp Marion, Half-way House, Broken Bridge, and Bethel.

All the other troops on the Peninsula, except those stationed at Williamsburg, Jamestown Island, Mulberry Island Point, and Major Phillips' Cavalry (which latter will be under the immediate command of Colonel Johnston) will constitute the Second Division, Brigadier General L. McLaws, commanding.

Such troops as may be temporarily operating with the First Division will, upon their return to their respective encampments on the Warwick road, revert to the command of Brigadier-General Magruder:

TH. JEFFERSON PAGE, JR., Aide-de-Camp.


Lieutenant SELDEN:

I was much pleased with your zeal and ability in the construction of the new battery. You know it is my intention to have the lower battery moved up and a line of entrenchments thrown entirely across the island for infantry defense.

I do not wish a gun moved from Pork Point battery until the works at the new battery (position) are completed, with platforms laid, and then to move them with great rapidity.

I presume that by extending the new battery to the right or left you can find room for all the guns below.

With great respect,

D. H. HILL, Brigadier-General, Commanding.

HEADQUARTERS PENINSULA ARMY, Bethel, Va., November 14, 1861.

Colonel CHARLES SMITH, Thirty-Ninth Va. Vols., Camp Huger, Northampton, Va.:

SIR: I have been instructed by the major-general commanding to acknowledge the receipt of your communication by Lieutenant Parramore, stating that from 3,000 to 5,000 of the enemy are advancing upon the Virginia line of Accomac and Northmapton, and asking for re-enforcement. He reports that he has neither the re-enforcement to send nor the means to send them, but feels convinced, from the state of the enemy's fleet, that you will not be attacked at present by water. He hopes that the 32-pounders, the arrival of which at Gloucester he accidently, heard of, will reach you very soon, conducted by Lieutenant Bayley, whom you sent for them. Though he takes great interest in Northampton have not been assigned to this department. Nevertheless, he takes the liberty of suggesting that, as he understands from Lieutenant Parramore, your bearer of dispatches, that you can bring into the field (militia and all) about 2,500 men, with various arms, accompanied by eight pieces of artillery, it would be the best policy to march upon the invading foe the moment he crosses the line, and attack