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694 Series I Volume IV- Serial 4 - Operations in the South and West

Page 694(Official Records Volume 4)  


the expedition if started from Roanoke Island. I am having a line of defense thrown up to defend the approaches to New Berne, Washington, Hyde, and Roanoke. The spade has been set going everywhere I have been, even in lazy Elizabeth. I have also got the promise of a little work from Beaufort. Should it be done, the age of miracles is not yet over.

I will go to-morrow to Swansborough. I understand that there is a large amount of cotton in the neighborhood, which is attaching Yankee cupidity. I will direct its removal to the interior. The Yankee force at Hatteras is said to be 8,00. I fear for Roanoke Island. That place and this are the weak points in my department. Two more regiments should immediately be sent to Roanoke Island, one with a battery to Shackelford Banks.

With great respect,

D. H. HILL, Brigadier-General, C. S. Army.

HEADQUARTERS, WILMINGTON, N. C., October 29, 1861.

HonorableJ. P. BENJAMIN, Acting Secretary of War:

Your dispatch was received this morning. I have made arrangements to concentrate my forces as early as practicable when he indicates his point of attack. Very little of my requisition of 27th ultimo for ordnance stores has been sent me. Please have the following essentials sent me express: 5,000 friction primers; 1,000 rounds 6-pounder canister, fixed; 200 rounds 12-pounder canister, fixed; 200 rounds 12-pounder special case, fixed; 5,000 pistol caps; 8,000 musket caps, extra; 100,000 ball cartridges, musket; 10,000 Mississippi rifle ball cartridges. I am in great want of an experienced artillery officer to command Fort Fisher, on Confederate Point. Send me, if possible, one from the old Army or Navy, with the temporary rank of major.

J.R. ANDERSON, Brigadier-General, Commanding.

RICHMOND, October 30, 1861.

General JOSEPH R. ANDERSON, Wilmington, N. C.:

Ammunition, as required, was sent you be special messenger this morning.

J. P. BENJAMIN, Acting Secretary of War.

HDQRS. N. C. TROOPS, ADJUTANT-GENERAL'S OFFICE, Raleigh, October 30, 1861.

Colonel SAMUEL T. CARRON, Washington, Beaufort County, N. C.:

COLONEL: Under existing circumstances it is desirable that the militia be in condition to be called out at the shortest notice. With this in view you will call them out in the county of Beaufort as often as you may deem necessary (at least once a week) for inspection and instruc-