Today in History:

2 Series I Volume I- Serial 1 - Charleston


Numbers 4.-Lieutenant Charles R. Woods, Ninth U. S. Infantry, of first expedition for relief of Fort Sumter.

Numbers 5.-Captain G. V. Fox, U. S. Agent, of second expedition for relief of Fort Sumter.

Numbers 6.-Major Robert Anderson, First Artillery, commanding U. S. troops.*

Numbers 7.-Engineer journal kept by Captain John G. Foster, U. S. Corps of Engineers.*

Numbers 8.-Brigadier General G. T. Beauregard, C. S. Army, commanding Confederate troops.*

Numbers 9.-Brigadier General R. G.M Dunovant, South Carolina Army.

Numbers 10.-Brigadier General James Simons, South Carolina Army.

Numbers 11.-Lieutenant Colonel R. S. Ripley, South Carolina Army.

Numbers 12.-Lieutenant Colonel Wilmot G. De Saussure, South Carolina Army.

Numbers 13.-Major P. F. Stevens, South Carolina Army.

Numbers 14.-Captain R. Martin, South Carolina Army.

Numbers 15.-Captain William Butler, South Carolina Army.

Numbers 16.-Captain W. R. Calhoun, commanding Sumter battery, Fort Moultrie.

Numbers 17.-Captain J. H. Hallonquist, commanding mortar and enfilading batteries.

Numbers 18.-Lieutenant Thomas M. Wagner, South Carolina Army.

Numbers 19.-Lieutenant Alfred Rhett, South Carolina Army.

Numbers 20.-Lieutenant Jacob Valentine, South Carolina Army.

Numbers 21.-Captain G. B. Cuthbert, South Carolina Infantry.

Numbers 22.-Captain J. Gadsden King, South Carolina Militia.

Numbers 23.-Lieutenant J. E. McP. Washington, South Carolina Army.

Numbers 24.-Lieutenant C. W. Parker, South Carolina Army.

Numbers 25.-Joint reports of James Chesnut, jr., Lieutenant Colonel A. R. Chisolm, Captain S. D. Lee, and Messrs. John L. Manning, William Porcher Miles, and Roger A. Pryor, aides-de-camp.

Numbers 26.-Joint reports of Major D. R. Jones, assistant adjutant-general; and Colonel Charles Allston, jr., Commander H. J. Hartstene (C. S. Navy), and Messrs. William Porcher Miles and Rogert A. Pryor, aides-de-camp.

Numbers 27.-Surg. General R. W. Gibbes, South Carolina Army.

Numbers 28.-Commander H. J. Hartstene, C. S. Navy.

Numbers 1. Reports of Major Robert Anderson, U. S. Army, of the evacuation of Fort Moultrie, S. C.

Numbers 11.] FORT SUMTER, S. C., December 26, 1860-8 p.m. (Received A. G. O., December 29.)

COLONEL: I have the honor to report that I have just completed, by the blessing of God, the removal to this fort of all of my garrison, except the surgeon, four non-commissioned officers, and seven men. We have one year's supply of hospital stores and about four months' supply of provisions for my command. I left orders to have all the guns at Fort Moultrie spiked, and the carriages of the 32-pounders, which are old, destroyed. I have sent orders to Captain Foster, who remains at Fort Moultrie, to destroy all the ammunition which he cannot send over. The step which I have taken was, in my opinion, necessary to prevent the effusion of blood.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major, First Artillery, Commanding.

Colonel S. COOPER, Adjutant-General.


*See also "Correspondence and Orders," post.