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December 20, 1860-April 14, 1861.


December 20, 1860.-Ordinance of secession adopted by the South Carolina Convention.

26, 1860-United States troops, under command of Major R. Anderson, transferred from Fort Moultrie to Fort Sumter.

27, 1860-Castle Pinckney and Fort Moultrie seized by the State troops.

30, 1860-United States Arsenal at Charleston seized by the State troops.

January 2, 1861-First Johnson seized by the State troops.

5, 1861-First expedition for the relief of Fort Sumter sails from New York Harbor.

9, 1861-Steamship Star of the west fired upon by the State troops.

11, 1861-Surrender of Fort Sumter demanded of Major Anderson by the governor of South Carolina and refused.*

March 1, 1861-The Government of the Confederate States assumes control of military affairs at Charleston.

3, 1861.-Brigadier General G. T. Beauregard, C. S. Army, assumes command at Charleston.

April 3, 1861-Schooner Rhoda H. Shannon fired upon by the Confederate batteries.

10, 1861-Second expedition for the relief of Fort Sumter sails from New York Harbor.

11, 1861-Evacuations of fort Sumter demanded by General Beauregard.

12-14, 1861.-Bombardment and evacuation of Fort Sumter.


Numbers 1.-Major Robert Anderson, First U. S. Artillery, of the evacuation of Fort Moultrie.

Numbers 2.-Extracts from annual report of Captain John G. Foster, U. S. Corps of Engineers, relating to the evacuation of Fort Moultrie, the seizure of Castle Pinckney and Fort Johnson, and operations at Fort Sumter.

Numbers 3.-Ordnance Storekeeper F. C. Humphreys, U. S. Army, of the seizure of Charleston Arsenal, and correspondence.


*No record of this transaction found in the files of the Department; but the demand and refusal were published about the time stated, and that demand is referred to in Foster to Totten, January 12, and in Holt to Hayne, February 6, 1861. See "Correspondence and Orders," post.-COMPILER.

#Of the bombardment and evacuation of Fort Sumter, when not otherwise indicated.


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