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Dr. Gerald J. Prokopowicz, a professor and chair of the history department at East Carolina University, is one of the most acclaimed and respected Civil War historians in the country. He is the author of Did Lincoln Own Slaves? Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Abraham Lincoln and All for the Regiment: The Army of the Ohio, 1861-1862. He served for nine years as the resident Lincoln Scholar at the Lincoln Museum, where he helped create the award-winning exhibit, “Abraham Lincoln and the American Experiment,” and a current member of the Advisory Boards of the Lincoln Studies Center and the Lincoln Forum. He is also an historian for Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours, where he leads the Civil War: This Hallowed Ground Tour, which studies the major events that began and ended the Civil War, starting with First Manassas, culminating with Gettysburg and breathing the air of finality at Appomattox. Link:

The good news for Civil War buffs is that they can listen to Dr. Prokopowicz on his weekly podcast, Civil War Talk Radio. Each week since October 2004, Dr. Prokopowicz has had an hour-long conversation with some of America's finest historians, including James McPherson, Doris Kearns Goodwin and Gary Gallagher to mention a few. He also speaks with artists such as Don Troiani, filmmakers (Ken Burns), re-enactors (Rob Hodge), novelists (Jeff Shaara), curators, game designers, children's authors, collectors, and others. In addition to familiar names of the Civil War world, the show often features authors of first books who are just starting to make their reputations. Of note, is author Mark Bielski, also an historian with Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours, who recently published his first book, Sons of the White Eagle in the American Civil War: Divided Poles in a Divided Nation. Link to book title:


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Gerald J. Prokopowicz is an historian at Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours.