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Mackinaw (1864-1867)

USS Mackinaw, an 1173-ton Sassacus class side-wheel "double-ender" steam gunboat built at the New York Navy Yard, was commissioned in April 1864. For much of that year, she served on the James River, Virginia, taking part in engagements at Dutch Gap in August. In early December, while on blockade duty, Mackinaw captured a sailing blockade runner. Later in that month, and in January 1865, she took part in ultimately successful assaults on Fort Fisher, North Carolina. In February, the gunboat operated on the Cape Fear River, N.C.

Decommissioned in May 1865, as the war came to an end, Mackinaw returned to active service in January 1866. She spent more than a year with the North Atlantic Squadron and in the West Indies, but was decommissioned again in May and sold in October of 1867.

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Photo #: NH 57251

A "Double-Ender" gunboat

In the James River, Virginia, 1864-65. Originally identified as USS Agawam (1864-1867), this ship differs from her in detail. It has been identified in published sources as USS Mackinaw (1864-1867).
The monitor in the right background is USS Saugus (1864-1891).

Photo #: LC-USZ62-144

"Bombardment of Fort Fisher"

"Jan. 15th 1865"

Lithograph after a drawing by T.F. Laycock, published by Endicott & Co., New York, 1865, depicting the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron bombarding Fort Fisher, North Carolina, in preparation for its capture. The print is dedicated to Commodore S.W. Godon, USN.
Ships present, as named on the original print, are identified in Photo Number LC-USZ62-144 (Complete Caption).

Collections of the Library of Congress.

Photo #: NH 59170

"Second Attack upon Fort Fisher, showing the positions of the vessels, and the lines of fire", 13-15 January 1865

Chart by Walter A. Lane, published in "The Soldier in our Civil War", Volume II.
The positions of 58 ships are represented on the chart.

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