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Maria Denning (1861-1862)

USS Maria Denning, an 870-ton side-wheel river steamer, was built at Cincinnati in 1858 for commercial employment. She was purchased by the Navy in 1861 to be used as a transport on the Western Rivers. In addition to that duty, she also served as receiving ship at Cairo, Illinois, from November 1861 to April 1862. Maria Denning was transferred to the Army in December 1862 and was used as a U.S. Army Transport from then until April 1863. She then returned to civilian pursuits, which lasted until she burned at Algiers, Louisiana, on 11 May 1866.

This page features our only view of USS Maria Denning.

Photo #: NH 46642 (Cropped)

USS Maria Denning (1861-1862)

Off Cairo or Mound City, Illinois, circa 1862-63.
She became a U.S. Army Transport in December 1862.
Mast in foreground is on USS General Bragg, the main subject of the photograph ( Photo # NH 46642) from which this image has been cropped.