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Nausett (1865-1875)

USS Nausett, an 1175-ton Casco-class light draft monitor, was built at South Boston. Commissioned August 1865, she was decommissioned just two weeks later and laid up at the New York Navy Yard, where she remained for the next decade. During the widespread renaming of Navy ships that took place in June 1869, Nausett became Aetna, but got her original name back the following August. The ship was broken up in 1875.

This page features the only view we have related to USS Nausett.

Photo #: NH 95102

"The American Monitors"

Engraving published in the English magazine "Engineering", 13 July 1866, page 30.
Figure 1 is a depiction of USS Chickasaw (1864-1874).
Figures 2 & 3 are inboard profile and interior deck plans of the light draft monitor USS Nausett (1865-1875).
See Photo # NH 95102 (extended caption) for the magazine text that accompanied the engraving.

The original magazine is held by the Navy Department Library.