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Manassas I: Union Order of Battle

Army of Northeastern Virginia

Brigadier General Irvin McDowell
Staff of 21, 19 present for duty

Manpower was reported as "Present" and "Present for Duty".  The numbers "Present" were also compiled into an aggregate total. 

First Division: Brigadier General Daniel Tyler
Officers:     569
Men:       12226

  • First Brigade: Colonel Erasmus D. Keyes
    2nd Maine - Colonel C.D. Jamerson
    1st Connecticut - Lieutenant Colonel Speidel
    2nd Connecticut - Colonel A.H. Terry
    3rd Connecticut - Colonel J.L. Chatfield
  • Second Brigade: Brigadier General Robert C. Schenck
    2nd New York - Colonel G.W.B. Tompkins
    1st Ohio - Colonel A. McD. McCook
    2nd Ohio - Lieutenant Colonel R. Mason
    Company E, 2nd U.S. Artillery - Captain J.H. Carlisle
  • Third Brigade: Colonel William T. Sherman
    13th New York - Colonel I. F. Quinby
    69th New York - Colonel M. Corcoran (W&C), Captain J. Kelly
    79th New York - Colonel J. Cameron (K)
    2nd Wisconsin - Lieutenant Colonel H.W. Peck
    Company E, 3rd U.S. Artillery - Captain R.B. Ayres
  • Fourth Brigade: Colonel Israel B. Richardson
    1st Massachusetts - Colonel R. Cowdin
    12th New York - Colonel E.L. Wairath
    2nd Michigan - Major A.W. Williams
    3rd Michigan - Colonel D. McConnell, Lieutenant Colonel Stevens
    Company G, 1st US Artillery (2 guns), Lt. J. Edwards
    Company M, 2nd US Artillery (4 guns), Capt. H. J. Hunt

SECOND DIVISION - Colonel David Hunter (W), Colonel Andrew Porter
Officers:     121
Men:       2364

  • First Brigade: Colonel Andrew Porter
    8th New York (Militia) - Colonel G. Lyons
    14th New York (Militia) - Colonel A.M. Wood (W), Lt. Colonel E. B. Fowler
    27th New York - Colonel H. W. Slocum (W), Major J.J. Bartlett
    U.S. Infantry Battalion (8 Cos.) - Major G. Sykes
    U.S. Marine Corps Battalion - Major J.G. Reynolds
    U.S. Cavalry Battalion (7 Cos.) - Major I.N. Palmer
    Company D, 5th U.S. Artillery - Captain C. Griffin
  • Second Brigade: Colonel Ambrose E. Burnside
    2nd New Hampshire - Colonel G. Marston (W), Lieutenant Colonel F.S. Flake
    1st Rhode Island - Major J.P. Balch
    2nd Rhode Island - Colonel J.S. Slocum (K), Lieutenant Colonel F. Wheaton
    71st New York - Colonel H.P. Martin
    2nd Rhode Island Battery, Capt. William H. Reynolds

Third Division: Colonel Samuel P. Heintzelman (W)
Officers:     382
Men:       8680


  • First Brigade: Colonel William B. Franklin
    5th Massachusetts - Colonel S.C. Lawrence (W)
    11th Massachusetts - Colonel G. Clark
    1st Minnesota - Colonel W.A. Gorman
    4th Pennsylvania - Colonel John F. Hartranft
    Company I, 1st U.S. Artillery - Captain J.B. Ricketts (W&C)


  • Second Brigade: Colonel Orlando B. Willcox (W&C), Colonel J.H. Hobart Ward
    11th New York - Lt. Colonel N.C. Farnham (W)
    38th New York - Colonel J.H. Hobart Ward, Lt. Colonel A. Farnsworth
    1st Michigan - Major A.F. Bidwell
    4th Michigan - Colonel D.A. Woodbury
    Company D, 2nd U.S. Artillery - Captain R. Arnold
  • Third Brigade: Colonel Oliver O. Howard
    3rd Maine - Major H.G. Staples
    4th Maine - Colonel H.G. Berry
    5th Maine - Colonel M.H. Dunnell
    2nd Vermont - Colonel H. Whiting

Fourth Division: Brigadier General Theodore Runyon
Officers:     247
Men:       5201

  • Militia
    1st New Jersey - Colonel A.J. Johnson
    2nd New Jersey - Colonel H. M. Baker
    3rd New Jersey - Colonel W. Napton
    4th New Jersey - Colonel M. Miller Volunteers
  • Volunteers
    1st New Jersey - Colonel W.R. Montgomery
    2nd New Jersey - Colonel G.W. McLean
    3rd New Jersey - Colonel G. W. McLean
    41st New York - Colonel L. Von Gilsa


Fifth Division: Colonel Dixon S. Miles
Officers:     289
Men:       5884

  • First Brigade: Colonel Louis Blenker
    8th New York - Lieutenant Colonel J. Stahel
    29th New York - Colonel A. von Steinwehr
    39th New York - Colonel F.G. D'Utassy
    27th Pennsylvania - Colonel M. Einstein
    Company A, 2nd U.S. Artillery - Captain J.C. Tidball
    8th New York Militia Battery - Captain C. Brookwood
  • Second Brigade: Colonel Thomas A. Davies
    16th New York - Lieutenant Colonel S. Marsh
    18th New York - Colonel W.A. Jackson
    31st New York - Colonel C.E. Pratt
    32nd New York - Colonel R. Matheson
    Company G, 2nd U.S. Artillery - Lieutenant O.D. Greene
Twenty-first New York Volunteers:
Officers:     37
Men:       684

Twenty-fifth New York Militia:
Officers:     39
Men:       519

Second United States Cavalry, Company E:
Officers:     4
Men:       56

Total Officers - 1707
Total Men -    35614